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Everquest Online Adventures


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Alright, currently I am owning in RVR and Getting leet gear with my guild in DAoC, sucked into the game I was, but then I looked over to my PS2 game collection and remembered fun, fast paced arcadey MMO action in EQOA. - So I hooked all my old ps2 keyboard and whatnot up and resigned up.

So Currently I play this game when the guild isnt doing anything in DAoC, and also I am about to sign up for Saga of Ryzon which seems amazing.

Its the summer, and I surely have time to spend playing 3 different games.. if I am not at work I am either playing an MMO, or playing a different MMO :P

I figure 3 monthly fees is better than 1 shitty WoW fee.

So Yeah, anyway anybody ever indulge in this?

I know Cip used to play with me and GPS did aswell. Me and Cip had amazing amonts of fun playing this game in 7th grade.

Cip level 14 Druid, Valhalan level 15 Warrior (Now level 16).

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dude the coolest thing about playing EQOA was the fact that we got it the day it came out and formed a guild the second day into it, we were the largest guild and most advanced guild on that server since not everyone had even signed up yet it was so awesome, those 50 man person raids were pretty banging. I've contemplated signing up the past few months just to see what it was like but Im not gonna since I dont have a PS2 anymore.

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I can d-block is back from mitch for you man haha.

and yes, that time we raided that elemental dungeon with like 50 people was crazy, I remember the reason I un-signed up was one of the guild leaders fucking disbanded the guild by accident.

Luckily right now.. I made a new guild with about 15 members so far.. "Kings of the Nordic Twilight" - Trying to recapture our old glory.

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in the top 3 highest rated on mmorpg.com so I am downloading it now and already paid first monthly fee. Looks amazing.

I just started doing some reading on it and I think I'm going to try it out too with the free trial. I'm downloading the client now. I remember it being almost cool when I was playing it in beta, but it was lacking some serious refinement, so now that it's done that problem is probably gone.

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Where can I buy that?

Everquest or Saga of Ryzom?

Ryzom can be download from ryzom.com, and Everquest can be bought at any retail store that sells older PC games.

Though, if you want the PS2 version of Everquest you'll need a modem for it, unless you have the slim version of the system.

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if you were to buy it, i'd buy the expansion pack "Everquest Online Adventures: Frontiers" sicne it has all the content from first, but with updated graphics, a new continent, 4 new cities, 20 somthing new dungeons, and a "Plane of sky" which is like a small floating continent.

My copy is due for arrival tommorow as I paid a total of 63 dollars for it so I could have overnight air shipping - this is how addicted I am.

Be warned, I wouldnt get it if you don't like endless grinding (but Everquest is known to do it in a fun way). No other MMO does it like EQ does, you pretty much camp various memerable locations on zones with a full group as mobs spawn, chat and kill them for XP. quests only done for abilites and whatnot, with that said I am having such an amazing time playing - Cannot wait for my copy of frontiers to come tommorow.

- if you decide to get it, be sure to have / buy a USB keyboard for PS2 to communicate, and be warned.. they don't call it "Evercrack" for nothing.. the original EQ for PC and EQOA for ps2 are easily the most addictive video games ever created, as you may have heard stories of suicide, family neglect leading to death, 72 hour straight sessions - trust me it sucks you in, and you can't stop.

with that said, I prefer this game about ten thousand times over the garbage that is WoW, fuck that kiddie-shit. Only downside is no PVP, but I don't mind or question it at all since I have fun dueling other people, and people love to duel. - Thats why I play DAoC for my PVP / end game battles and warfare, and PVE in EQOA is amazing, can't wait to hit the endless amounts of dungeons. - The end game raids range from 15-60 people depending on the boss.

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