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Accelerated Evolution

Etrian Odyssey


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  • 3 months later...

Wow... that game actually looks really awesome. I haven't played an Atlus game in like 100 years, so I suppose its about time I got back in the GAME yo. What the hell good games has Atlus even DONE lately? Knowing you guys, you'll give me about 100 games to play when I get home. But I'm ok with that!

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  • 4 months later...

I've gotten to the sixth floor thus far and I must say that I'm enjoying the game. It's very challenging and it has it's annoyances, but then again, the problems I've had are pretty much true for most RPGs. Money seemed to be a bit of a problem early on, but right now I have far more than I need (though that could change once better equipment becomes available). I'd probably rate the difficulty on about the same level as FF3 DS (well, maybe a little harder). And luckily, it doesn't over-complicate things like Wizardry does, so it takes pretty much no time to learn how to play.

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