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metal trivia

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yeah, you knew it was coming. the only official rule is NO GOOGLING. if i catch you cheating i'm sending Barker over to your house to shave your bikini line with a chainsaw

i guess we can axe new questions when the previous one(s) get answered or if no one can figure them out, so don't ask who does vox for your brother's oriental pagan viking folk sludge band

starting things off....

name the 'Peaceville three'

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fucking. sweet.

i'm going to take the bull by the horns and axe another question before getting outta here for a bit. i have confidence in you guys here...

Chuck Schuldiner of DEATH fame had a proggy side project he played in with Steve Digiorgio and Richard Christy (and some other guys). what was that band called?

*extra credit if you can name the one album they put out

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