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I took him, who do you think had to miss out on pictures of these cosplayers alone so he can have his ass in them. But more to come.

I'm sure they think i am cooler than just random people / sorry that i have to get in the way of your masturbation material.

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Brian Clevinger from 8-bit theater's autograph. I didn't get any pictures of the artists because I'm a big dork...




I picked the sucky trading figure, still a very cool figure though.






Greg and Elizabeth Dean's autographs, from Real Life Comics. I didn't talk to them like I did to Brian or Scott, because I'm a loser fanboy. But I got them. I had to come back for Liz's because she wasn't there and when she was there she had the cash box, when she wasn't (when I bought the book) Gerg just opened his jacket and stuffed the money into his pocket and called it "The Cash Box". Thats how unorgnaized he is without her xD


Scott Ramsoomir from VGcats, we talked abit about Star Trek and my name being after the good Captain.


And no convention is complete without bring home some Japanese snacks. If I didn't spend to much on crap and autographs I would have bought more.

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