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Shitty animated movies

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ok.....are you saying crappy bcs of the story or crappy bcs the animation itself (meaning actualy design and making characters movie)?

bcs if you're talking about story, Pinocchio and Little Mermaid were derived from darker stories with sadder endings which was much of what Disney did. Since Animation itself is thought to be a genre for kids, Disney cleaned up the market with films like the little mermaid and pinoccio. comparing them to the original story is not only unfair but totally irrelevant.


Any derivative or any rewrite of a story is going to be different whether it is subtlely or drastically. disney took the drastic route and made... well... millions. So basically, if you look at the story from an analytical standpoint, Disney Animated movies that may have "Sucked" do have the basic elements every story needs that are taught to childrenin early grades. it has an introduction, setting, characters, problem, climax, solution, and denounment. or in simpler terms, a beginning, middle and end. so, you may not like it aesthetically, but the quality of the animation and the story which is geared for those aged in the single digits (since you can't market a sad ending to kids very often. 'specially gorey ones) it's genius.


As for animation quality, if you're talking about cars being a medicre animation (if you mean it was mediocre story, I can't fault you there. There should have been a tentacle monster in there somewhere. bcs we've seen movies about dick head guy meets girl bcs he was doing community svs for wrecking a town learns a moral lesson and finds love. where the fuck are the tentacles)


there are several techniques you're looking at when you're analysing animation (I'll go into detail some other time. I'm running late for work). "Cars" for the simple fact that they gave such expression to things so different from people, that we knew how the characters felt and even what they were thinking without the characters saying what they were thinking. Hell the cars were better actors than some of the actors we have being paid $20 million a show. So was Cars only a mediocre movie? maybe in the sense that not much of the older "kids" liked it but as an animation student, and someone that understands what to look for when watching an animation, I thought it was pretty cool. not as cool as "The Incredibles" but definitely cooler than "Home on the Range".

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I mainly made this thread to post the link to the trailer of the Romeo and Juliet movie (which looks awefull becuase of the animation and voice acting). And I thought Cars was mediocre becuase of the story. Its was just a very by-the-numbers kids movie with a moralistic lesson, jam-packed with as many stereotypes as possible (which I think is the cornerstone of lazy writing). Anyway thier are ALOT of animated films coming out this year, so some of them are bound to be crap.

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