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Eternal Darkness Sequels?


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Here's a direct quote from Dennis Dyack's blog.

"I am most often asked if we have sequels in mind for Eternal Darkness. The answer is absolutely yes. Although this may not be obvious to those outside of Silicon Knights, anyone inside the guild understands that there is really no other answer."

Oh thank freaking heaven. While it's not an announcement it's still good to know they're thinking along those lines. ED was the only survival horror game I've actually enjoyed. Now here's hoping they don't take 10 years to take it from idea to game like they did with Too Human.

Source: IGN Blog

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A little bit just hit me in the face, too. :D For good reason! Eeeeee so excited. <3 The monsters scared the hell out of me, and the insanity effects were both freaky and hilarious. <3


*Game appears to reboot*

"This memory card is corrupt and needs to be formatted. Warning: formatting will wipe all save data."

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