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I wish they had some video of the OC gameplay. I saw the pic where link was scattered about the screen, but I'd like to see some games that suffer from slowdown, like Sparkster, TMNT4, and maybe some levels of Super Mario World. I'd like to see videos of those games on the overclocked SNES (at, say, 5MHz), and see if there's a notable difference in game speed, and the sound (see if it plays in fast-motion, a-la chipmunks)

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That's cool. I just want to see the benefit of OC'ing an SNES. I'm sure it's fun to OC it just to do it, but I have to echo the sentiment that if there's no benefit to OCing it at all, why bother? I can understand risk vs. benefit, but if there is no benefit, why bother with the risk?

There's no real risk either, unless you're a complete dope with a solderin' iron.

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