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Is trout a metaphor for vagina?

No, that sounds disgusting

I've only been fishing (like in a lake) a few times but I thought it was really fun. It's also a great way to improve your posture, eat healthier, connect with the natural world, and get a tan. Canada is like the fishing capital of the world second only to Minnesota but there's just so much fish-spirit there it's like the entire canada condensed into a state the size of Minnesota.

Sorry I talk so much, recently I read this book about how men and women communicate and also a book like Black Like Me but not Black Like Me where a woman journalist turns into a man for 18 months (she even wears a rubber flaccid penis) and it said that women are really annoying because they talk so much. And I talk more than most women. SORRY~~

Anyway, Canada is neat, and Siendra and his family look like Canadian People.

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