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3 Doors Down has a song titled "Here Without You" (Or something like that) that I refuse to listen to, As it reminds me of the bitersweet relationship between me and my ex, She was one of the most attractive people I've ever met, and I felt that we really clicked, but she was cheating on me.

Lets see If I can find another..

Not quite a memory, but a song that I can really get into and feel is Be Yourself by Audioslave. It's a marvelous jem of a song, and so true.


Ah, yes, one more. Also, not a memory (well not for me, anyways). Bullets in my Briefcase by Fat Opie. The bassist was a good friend of my mother's. This song is actually about how my dad stalked my mom after they divorced -- But it's quite subtle, and you'd never correctly geuss what it's about unless you knew about the sitaution before hand.

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"All Of The Above" by Transatlantic actually has lyrics that directly relate to the last 8 months of my life. Since I have 20 minutes before work and nothing to do before them, let me expand on a few:

"So there I was with my complaints,

In the comfort of my restraints I stayed,

I stayed and had nothing to say,

But there it was returning for my eyes,

Like a fire that's been burning up the sky,

Full moon rising today"

-- I was having problems with my ex, so many that I had shut down completely and did nothing about it, but eventually I found the power to face it after many nights of thinking.

"Dead on your feet you walk like no one's home

Out on the street you make your way alone

Soldier of fortune camouflaged in blue"

-- I spent alot of my time during the weekday nights (at that time in my life) downstairs in my home, just wandering about , eventually making my way outside and just sitting in the silence of the night. I interpret the last line of the lyric as someone who is out to get what they want while camoflauged as someone who has an inner sadness.

"Dawn turns to dusk you sail away in doubt

Love turns to lust you've turned it inside out

Soldier of fortune camouflaged in blue (but I know you)"

-- Over the past few weeks I drove myself across the entire state alone to the beach, mainly leaving at 1AM and staying there until the sun rose, basically thinking and writing while trying to seperate myself from a situation that was growing on me.

"Don't just sit there wasting your time on the phone

Don't be with that skank 'cause it hurts to be alone

And you swarm around like bees to the hive

And you look a man in full but you're half alive"

-- I used a girl to mask the fact that I was basically hurting like no other because of the choice I made. I had never used someone before, but I had thoroughly tricked myself into thinking I was doing the right thing by dating another girl that I had absoloutely no connection with.

There's much more tot this song to expand on, but I'll just leave it be. People can say my life is a soap opera, but this situation was a huge thing in my life because I had not only broken off a relationship, but also an engagement, and I don't think too many people here can say they have had to go through something like that.

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The Misfits - Where eagles dare

This reminds me of the countless times i have partied with my friend zach, and all the crazy shit we did. Christ, any Richard hell song reminds me of the same thing...

Bal-Sagoth - The power Cosmic Album

All the nights from last winter that i stayed with my friend drinking popov and playing magic the gathering.

Nirvana - Where did you sleep last night

a three day morphine binge i was on a year ago. The 'unplugged' album was on repeat almost the entire time.

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By the years.

Stone Cold Steve Austin's entrance theme.

-5th Grade

Limp Bizkit - Nookie

-6th Grade, spending weekends at my friend's house playing Goldeneye. Having bad taste in music.

Led Zeppelin - Stairway to Heaven

Guns N Roses - Welcome to the Jungle

Metallica - Enter Sandman

-7th Grade, getting good taste in music, Dragonball Z addiction, and the year I conquered the internet!

Green Day - (Any song)

Linkin Park - In the End

The Strokes - Last Night

System of a Down - Aerials

-8th grade, when I really became a music fan, and one of the most enjoyable years of my life.

Slayer - War Ensemble

My Dying Bride - Black Heart Romance

KMFDM - Light

KMFDM - A Drug Against War

-9th grade, the year I became a metalead, and when I really started to discover who I was.

Blind Guardian - (Every song)

Iced Earth - (Every song)

Burzum - War

-10th grade, a year when nothing much really happened.

-11th grade, no real band came to me that year. I just sort of listened to everything I had.

Ensiferum - Windrider

-12th grade, just ended so I'm having a hard time thinking of words. But best year of my life, despite the stress.

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The Dream Theater Albums "Metropolis Part 2: Scenes From A Memory"

Reminds me of getting lost for dour hours with Alundra to go to a Dream Theater show in Philidelphia and sadly, never make it. It wasn't so bad for me, cause at least I saw em at Gigantour in August last year, but he'd never seen them [and still hasn't.]

and "Images and Words"

Cause that's what we listened to when we got lost for an hour or two on our first AnimeNEXT outing [2005?]. The second time [this year's] was worse, but we listened to tons of shit that time, so not a particular song/album/artist.

"Blessed Are You" by Iced Earth reminds me of my good friendships over the last few years, especially now that alot of them have moved to other states [and in some cases other continents.]

"Black Fire" by Dragonforce I and one of my friends were the only people in my grade that were metalheads. I made a cd called "Real Metal 1.0" Based off of the original metal threads from when AE started and even in the before time of Animenation [zomg taboo!]. Once all my other friends heard that, it gave them enough of a wake up to listen to the rest of the mix that I made. Then 2 others followed, then everyone was on their own. Most of those same people are big big progheads now, but they still listen to alot of different stuff.

And I have metal in general to thank for the reason I ever started playing guitar. It was always so inspiring to hear Mustaine belt out that last solo in "My Last Words" on the bus ride to school and back and Sundin's badass rythm guitar riffs that I always wanted to play [and now I do.]. Then Iced Earth's Alive In Athens made me the sole headbanger on my bus which called alot of attention to me, but fuck them! I wanted to headbang! And much thanks to Thomas for starting me off with some classic Maiden and Priest. I remeber always listening to Fear of the Dark on the way back from school and singing along with Gamma Ray's "Somewhere Out In Space" and "Lost in the Future" even though there's no way for any human being to understand what the fuck they're saying until you read the lyrics. Good times, good times.

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That one Shaggy song about the guy and sleeping with the girl next door, everytime I hear it, I'm reminded of the day I bought my Dreamcast because I heard it in the car on the way home from Target while I was reading the Virtua Fighter manual.

Child Prey- Dir en grey

The song that got me into J-rock and basically that entire year of school because I finally found the music I enjoy most.

R to the Core - Dir en grey

Reminds me of graduation and the all night party, just because that's always sounded like a graduation song to me. >.>

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Oh I almost forgot a song which has a very fond memory attached to it. "any way you want it" by journey brings me back to when me and all my friends stood inside the doors of a bowling alley with a portable tape player and an old journey tape, and whenever someone walked in we would blast the beginning of the song (ANY WAY YOU WANT IT, THATS THE etc.), and then we started dancing to it, like all 7 of us. Peoples reactions were histaricle. Even tho this may sound completely retarded it was probably one of the funniest moments of my life and I always laugh when I hear that song.

oh we were bad-ass, that was amazing.

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hah the first time I kissed my ex-girlfriend was when float on was real big and it was on the radio in the background...she hated the song but I've been a modest mouse fan ever since

I've been trying to remember who the heck your ex-girlfriend is, but it seems to have been lost in the haze :tongue:

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