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Galexia - Morphine Dream - full CD download


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01 - Dysphoria - 3:33

02 - Old-Dustwood Blues - 5:19

03 - Some Advice [interlude] - 1:36

04 - Enduring Lost Love - 3:51

05 - Hunger - 3:09

06 - Tale of a Vampire - 3:07

07 - Ghost Story [interlude] - 1:10

08 - Cancer Eater - 2:34

09 - Morphine Dream - 4:45

10 - Aboard a Train to Nowhere - 2:51

11 - Beast of the Forest - 3:36

12 - Midnight Mass [interlude] - 1:27

13 - Dead - 6:10

Total Running Time - 43:08

- Put endless time and effort into this CD, I hope you enjoy it.. Please everyone download this and give me honest feedback.



Ken Spaziani - Vocals, Bass, Instruments, Synthesizers and Sampling

Raymond Spaziani (My Father) - Saxophone on "Morphine Dream"

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Quitea few of the songs feel too techno-like. Hunger is pretty good. Maybe, with the vocals, don't edit them so heavily. You have a decent voice, but I can't tell what you're saying due to the editing.

Once agian, the recording or something sounds pretty good. I will listen to it more and keep you informed.

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At the moment, they will be a long long delay for new material, as I promote this and attempt to get it signed onto a small label for internet download distribution.

And yes, theyres alot of techno-y elements because it's an Industrial Metal / Experimental band, so industrial heavily uses synthesizers, and trancey like passages.

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Dead - Lyrics

You, Are dead to me

and I, was never alive anyway...

So, It's on we go to wherever

Death will bring us, I will be there too.

God, Is dead to me

but I, never believed anyway...

So, I geuss I'll be

where angels, cry their tears away.

Angels are dead to me...

I don't know where to turn back time

So, I geuss it was best not to pray anyway...

Cuz, angels are dead to me.


Where do I go, when hope has been lost for me

With black wings I fly, away from this place.

Mother, So good to me

I'm sorry, but I must leave, anyway...

It was not my choice you see,

although, I believe I would go anyway

Feathers, from when I fell from grace

I, defied God and his place...

Thus, I don't believe I'll be saved

but I, don't care anyway.

Life is dead to me

You see, I couldn't care for me.

Why, Can't I cry for me?

Because Angels, are dead to me anyway...


Where do I go, when hope has been lost for me

With black wings I fly, away from this place.

-outro "ooo"ing-

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well obviously for me it's dead and i already told you why etc

it seriously took me aback

Good I hope most people feel the same way, I wanted to make it as the longest track, and have be very stripped down and organic compared to the rest of the cd - mournful, dark, and everything :hardgay:

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I dunno I may dl it but from listening to the tracks on the myspace I only like the one that was at the top and all slow and distorted. I dunno I just don;t really like wind's vocals man. Sorry ><

song at top is like the heaviest on the cd.

Unless you mean from like a week ago on myspace, those were demos (Hunger vocals have been re-recorded)

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I'm very surprised my friend. When I get more time I'll hopefully post some critiquing as there are things which can definitely be improved upon (as is the case for anything).

No improvements though, this is the final release, these songs will never be updated and touched upon again, so rate it as you would a new album release and not that of a friend.

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