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Yay -- it's your birthdaaaaaaaaaay!! Happy 19th -- hope it is/was awesome!! You best do something super awesome, man! I would've called [with or without Sarah] you and wished you a happy birthday but I wasn't sure if you were gonna be home so yeeah, I didn't wanna get the answering machine!

Anyways, yay you're 19 now!

Oh, I would've photoshopped an image for you but my computers being dumb -- so you'll have to settle for a googled image.


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-Venom runs in with a cake and a box of condoms in one hand-

Crube: Uhm, what is this?

Venom: You forgot it was my birthday?

Crube: No, not that... I meant the box of condoms. Did you expect to raid a brothel with that?

Venom: Condoms?

Crube: You didn't know?

Venom: No... I just came from the Coneheads house and they gave me this cake and a box of bubble gum... Oh...

Crube: Have enough money from the birthday cards?

-Venom checks his pile of cards-

Venom: Yup!

Crube: Then why are you here? Go have fun!

Happy Birthday!

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