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Rockman ZN/Rockman of the Meteor Shower


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Behold, Rockman.EXE 7 Rockman ZN, or otherwise known as Rockman of the Meteor Shower.

The new DS game that strongly resembles that of the EXE series, but...isn't. Info so far is vague and limited, but after Atomic-Fire updates with the new Corocoro scans and info this thread will have an overhaul.

For now, watch the trailer for the game, which came in the special pre-order DVD with Rockman ZX.

I officially have shat my pants

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The game's name has been changed to "Mega Man Star Force" now. Some new images and the trailer can be found here.

Also, one of the coolest things from this years TGS:


EDIT: Star Force. I don't know why I typed "Fox" in there originally. :laugh:

It looks like a continuation of the EXE series. I meant, some of the scans had Lan and MegaMan.EXE in the background. Could the non MegaMan character be Lans son?

The series is set 200 years after EXE/Battle Network so it doesn't seem likely, but yeah there seems to be some connection between Subaru and Lan/Netto.

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