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What a Psycho Bitch


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The crazed screams are great.

oh yea.

Or REALLY love it. I would be laughing all day long if I went through that.

That is what i would be doing. that woman is an ass, but so friggen funny.

it is cool how this guy is keeping his cool. i would freaking kill that woman.

he is a murderer, he is life destroyer, he is a terrorist, he is a rapist. he deserves every pain known to man! I am serious that woman is an assHOLE!

but it is awsome how this guy is keeping his cool throughout the whole thing. This guy is my idol

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I love how she keeps trying to say things to make him angry and he keeps saying "it wouldn't bother ma ma'am."

yea. he just keeps his cool, while pising her off. she had hot anger that takes control, but his anger was cold, which he could manipulate just to piss 'er off more.

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jesus tapdancing christ

this woman is crazy...assuming that because people don't answer their phones tey don't watch tv...

how does a telemarketing call cause a miscarriage?

"i hope this gets played in court ma'am"

"your wife will leave you"

"I don't have a wife"

"I'm not laughing at you ma'am"

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Man, I wish my phone ringed only every 10-15 minutes. Wouldn't have to take it off the hook so much. Course I blame my brother for that, what with his innate ability to befriend countless legions of desperate nothing better to do but call constantly friends. You can only block so many numbers! But he always wins, always! *shakes fist*

You're making it sound like prostitution.

But come to think of it... It's the same thing. Except whores are better paid.

And nobody likes telemarketers.

Even telemarketers.

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“I heard a click….” Am I the only one that didn’t hear a click?

Telemarketing is more destructive than rape!

On a side note: has any one ever actually bought any thing from a telemarketer?

“You’re lying you son of a bitch, son of a bitch, son of a bitch!” (I have to say one thing for this women, she can say son of a bitch 3 times fast)

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