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I'm surprised there isn't a thread on this already...

Making an overall concerts/shows thread is more conserving that making a thread on each show you've been to and what not....

Anyways, what concerts and/or shows have you been to? What concerts/shows do you have tickets to and will be going to soon? Share your experiences of the atmosphere that you were in and how the band sounded live vs. recorded -- anything.

[btw, I backtracked a few pages and couldn't find anything; nor did I find anything through the search feature so...]

Anyways...the first show I went to was the Fall Out Boy show downtown at Yonge+Dundas Square -- why did I go? Simple: It was free. It was alright. The two shows after were at bars -- same band [Marianas Trench] -- they were amazing...I got to talk to them afterwards as well and they are amazing guys -- which adds to their awesomeness. Plus, it was only $8 [cover charge] for the first show and the second show was suppose to be $5 but I was talking to the band outside and then they invited us in with em...so I didn't pay anything.

The latest show I went to was this past weekend -- Panic! At The Disco. It was pretty awesome...the sounded the same irl and on the cd -- plus, I had the tickets 3 months in advance...they changed venues on us -- so anyone who had tickets to the original venue got in an hr before everybody else...which was pretty rad.

Oh, Marianas Trench is coming back to Toronto August 3rd at the Cameron House -- so going to go to that! Other that that...hoping to coerce a friend into seeing two other shows with me. What shows? Found out today that Tool is going to be coming to Toronto...see if I can get tickets to that [they go on sale this Saturday] -- don't know how interested my friend would be in that. Also going to see if she'd be interested in seeing Blind Guardian -- hopefully she will be. If she's not interested...just going to save my money and see if I can go alone...not the best idea...but yeah.

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I'm seeing Peaches and Eagles of Death Metal this coming Monday. I'm also going to Ozzfest on August 4 with a friend.

I have seen.

Bon Jovi

Jethro Tull

Green Day/Blink 182/Saves the Day

Iced Earth/Trivium/Beyond the Embrace

And scores of local bands

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i went to Rush in the medows in i think 2002 during the summer. Then i went to Rush again in 2004 for the R30 tour. As u can tell i like Rush. they rule

I also went to see the Blues Traveler on teh New Haven Green for free and it kicked ass.

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I've been to too many shows to name, so i'll just list this week.

Sunday - Ringo Starr

Today - The Black Crowes

Both amazing, but I must say.. the Black Crowes are fucking amazing live.. stage full of giant glowing color changing mushrooms and an amazing lightshow with long tripped out songs.

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I've been to four concerts, but I'll be going to much more once I start driving.

March 2005 - Slipknot / Lamb Of God / Shadows Fall / Gizmachi

July 2005 - Ozzfest - Black Sabbath / Iron Maiden / Mudvayne / Shadows Fall / BLS / In Flames / Rob Zombie

March 2006 - Children Of Bodom / Chimaira / If Hope Dies

July 2006 - Sounds Of The Underground - GWAR / Behemoth / Cannibal Corpse / Black Dahlia Murder / Through The Eyes Of The Dead

September 2006 - im pretty sure I'm going to see Deicide

I went to Sounds Of The Underground this past weekend. BEST DAY OF MY LIFE. I was in first row of the pit about two feet away from the stage with the security right in front of me.

During Behemoth, I think i was the only one in the front going crazy, makes faces, screaming the lyrics, and doing this - "\m/ \m/," real fast and constantly, so Nergal and Seth, and at one time Orion, kept going right in front of me, and making faces back, and doing this - "\m/" back to me, which was the greatest experience I've ever had at a concert.

GWAR was fuckin amazing, the whole place was bizerk during their show, being right in front during a GWAR concert is the greatest thing ever, i kept doing the same sort of thing to them, so BalSac the Jaws Of Death, Flattus Maximus, and a couple times Oderus Urungus, kept coming over in the front of me too, which was fuckin awesome, its too bad Beefcake the Mighty was at the other side of the stage the entire time. I got sprayed with fake semen a couple times from Oderus, and the blood of some fanclub guy, George Bush, and Pope Benedict (who was dressed as a nazi, unitl brutally owned by Oderus), i was also continuously sprayed in the face with blue liquid from cannon, which was awesome too, cause I kept yellign spray me, and I got sprayed 7 or 8 times.

Cannibal Corpse was great too. Alex Webster (bassist) was in front of me and my friend trhe whole time, i screamed "Cannibal Corpse!" at him before they started and he pointed at me with \m/. Corpsegrinder was introducing a song and he goes "This one goes out to all the women out there!...and the titties!....FUCKED WITH A KNIFE!!!"

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I've been to:


Dream Theater

Trans-Siberian Orchestra

some crappy local band shows

You saw Joe Satriani too you fool. *slaps for forgetting*

I've seen

Not metal:


The Fabulous Thunderbirds

Lynrd Skynrd


Iced Earth [While with Ripper *grimmace*]

Dream Theater [Gigantour]

Megdeth [Gigantour]


I can't remember anything else

I could've seen Gamma Ray but my asshole friends were like WHO'S THAT!!?!?!1! Now most of them like them enough that they'd go see them and now it's too late. Bastards.

And I was unfortunately late to the Gigantour show I went to and missed Symphony X and Nevermore.

Then there was that time I went to see Dream Theater a second time at the Tower Theatre and got lost with Alundra for like 4 hours. I feel bad for him cause we both missed it, but at least I'd seen them once before.

Still have the pics from Gigantour in my Photobucket somewhere. The Dream Theater ones came out bad cause they used weird ass lighting and my craptacular camera caught nothing. Still have a picture of Myung doing the solo from Metropolis Part 1 on my comp somewhere... I hope I see them again in the future, cause the only pictures I have from their shows suck.

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Forgot to post my Deadboy and the Elephant Man, Eagles of Death Metal, and Peaches review.

Deadboy = Played a short set, but were good. Nothing special, but they played their music well and I wish them the best as they are an up-and-coming artist.

Eagles = Pure fun rock n roll. All that needs to be said. You could tell they were having fun, and the audience was having fun as well. I wish all bands could just have this much of a "fun" feel to them.

Peaches = More fun than the Eagles. She walked right by me as she came out of the side door at the place I saw the concert. She was just flashy, exciting, fun, and never gave up on the crowd. Like all Baltimore crowds a lot of people were confused when she came out (a lot were there for Eagles). But she won over the entire crowd by the end and the entire place was in love with her. As the show went on, more and more people got into her music until it was a couple hundred people just dancing, singing, and having fun. At the end, for her encore, Eagles of Death Metal came out first and they received boos and "Where is Peaches?" chants. They were laughing at this I was glad to see. Then Peaches came out and the reaction was very loud.

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I've seen:

Dream Theater

Vital Remains

Black Dahlia Murder

Cattle Decapitation

Jungle Rot


Paradise Lost




Job For A Cowboy

Modest Mouse

The Walkmen




Aesop Rock



A ton of others I'm forgetting about

I'm looking forward to Katatonia + Daylight Dies and I'm sure there is more touring greatness coming up.

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Haven't had a chance to go to any real shows yet, I have only been to local shows lately. But, on September 30, I will be seeing:

- Into Eternity

- Arch Enemy

- Megadeth

- Opeth

It should be orgasmic. THen later on this year I will be hitting a Dark Tranquility and Blind Guardian show.

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I've seen Metallica, Godsmack, Slayer, Pantera, Fear Factory, Megadeth, Black Sabbath, Slipknot, Mudvayne, Disturbed, and other bands I don't recall right off hand. I saw the last four I listed at Ozzfest, where I also caught the tail-end of Manson's show and was forced to sit through most of a Drowning Pool set. I've also seen a bunch of shitty local and regional bands in numerous shitholes across the Plains, one of the shitty local bands being mine.

One of my friends just reminded me the other night of the time we saw Anti-Flag back in high school. I had completely forgotten about the band and that show. Now, whenever I see them in magazines or stores, I can proudly say that I threw a beer bottle at them and told them to get fucked. In my defense, I had drank the bottle and they were way off-tune.

At the Godsmack/Metallica show, there were two (obviously underaged) girls who were so eager to flash someone, they flashed the first person to take the stage. He was the guitar tech. They got booted before the show even started. I don't know, maybe they just had a hard-on for guitar techs, I don't know.

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One of my friends just reminded me the other night of the time we saw Anti-Flag back in high school. I had completely forgotten about the band and that show. Now, whenever I see them in magazines or stores, I can proudly say that I threw a beer bottle at them and told them to get fucked. In my defense, I had drank the bottle and they were way off-tune.

You are my hero, I had the unfortunate experience of having to sit through one of their CD's when I was in Canada with scene kids few years ago.

These scene kids were my friends family, so she couldn't do much about them.

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Went to Ozzfest yesterday. I saw/heard every single band that is on tour. I went to get lunch during BLS, but still heard some of their set. Just didn't see them at all.

Disturbed caused most of the audience to break into drunken fights.

Rest of stuff is in the metal thread.

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a bunch of random shit at the regatta (local festival here), laruku, MUCC (TEH BEST EVAR) with Nana Kitade (who is adorable)

oh and if you count my bro's friend's band Yesterday's Tomorrow playing at their play thinger at the end of highschool year then that too.

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