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Well I saw the Circulatory System on Wednesday (along with The Instruments, The Wailing Wall, and The New Sound of Numbers) and they kicked fucking ass.

Then, as an added bonus I saw Mount Eerie (formerly The Microphones) last night (along with Calvin Johnson), and he also played a really good set.

I love going to a college where bands I like just randomly stop by and play free shows.

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DARK FUNERAL! Damn... never thought I'd get to see DF live. That's pretty awesome. Of course, not until Mid-January. But STILL. Black metal isn't supposed to come to Colorado!

I'm quite disappointed that their not coming to Chicago (you forgot to mention that Enslaved and Abigail Williams will be there too :tongue:) They're coming to Illinois... but to some Mokeena city, I honestly don't even know where that is, I'll look it up and if it's not too far I may end up going...

EDIT: Turns out it's about 35 miles from where I live... We'll see

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Today I went to an INDIE concert with my friend Michelle. It was really fucking awesome. The opening band was Fog and the headliners were Deerhoof and The Fiery Furnaces.

So, as I said, the concert started with Fog. I enjoyed their set, though I could tell they weren't the best. My friend said they were pretty subpar but I still kinda liked them. They were funny too. Their vocalist/guitarist opened their set by saying, "Hello, we're Fog and we have 30 minutes" and between songs he would ask the bassist how much more time they had. After the second last song the bassist just went, "I know what you're going to ask. We have 6 minutes," and the guitarist asked what good 6 minute long songs they had and the bassist said, "'6 Minutes to Love...' though we haven't written it yet. That reminds me of my prom night."

Deerhoof has so much live energy and was just so awesome and fun. I've barely seen any bands live but I could tell not many I will ever see will reach the amount of energy and coolness of Deerhoof's live show. Their singer/bassist is this 4 foot tall Japanese woman who is really cute and in a weird way sort of hot IMO, but more than anything she's freaking adorable. She hops around on stage and makes all this cool hand motions and stuff. She points around and covers her eyes and make the peace sign and moves it away from her eyes, etc, etc. I don't know how to describe it but it was awesome in an odd way. At one point in a song she put down her bass, climbed up the fence seperating the stage from the crowd, stradled it, and song from up there. She sang "Bunny, bunny, bunny, bunny, bunny" and made rabbit ears with her fingers and made a motion like a bunny hopping with her hand, then when she sang it again she tapped her two fingers on her head. Their drummer also had an amazing amount of energy. He was all over that kit with incredible energy. None of that snaresnaresnaresnaresnaresnaresnaresnaresnaresnare to the beat crap, he was amazing and seemed like a really cool guy.

I decided I need a Deerhoof album.

Then there was the number one headliner, The Fiery Furnaces. I found out they were playing at the Toronto Opera House while checking to see if any metal bands I like were visiting, and when I told my friend Michelle she supposedly orgasmed. She checked their site and found out they were coming right to Buffalo and we both flipped. Their set was awesome too, their singer is really freaking hot in an offbeat Indie way...



My dad came in for free (knew the doorman XD) to talk to me for a second and he thought Eleanor was a guy. She has really long hair that covers her eyes entirely but a cool manner of moving and a wonderful voice, but her mic volume needed to be higher, it was hard to hear when the rest of the band members were playing, which made me sad. :sad: They played "Single Again," which is the first song I ever heard by them and I got giddy. I seriously hopped up and down for a sec and laughed like a girl/fag. They played an encore too, and for the first part of their set played their recent release from first to last track. I'm going to see if I can get ahold of one of their t-shirts. I only had 4 dollars left so I couldn't buy one there.

I spent 60 fucking dollars in one day. DX

I'm going to try to get Blind Guardian tickets, so hopefully my next post in this thread will evoke ENVY.

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just got back from the show, it was in Mokena, IL which is beyond comiskey park.

we got there just as daylight dies began playing.

Katatonia rocked the heezy fo sheezy with stuff off tonight's decision, discouraged ones, and their newer album the great cold distance. i was hoping for Murder off of Brave Murder Day, but whatever.

You could tell who the hardcore fans were because they would yell long ass titles off of Diabolical Masquerade's older albums. Blakkheim was proud.

Oh yeah, we didn't even stay for Moonspell.

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Today I went to an INDIE concert with my friend Michelle. It was really fucking awesome. The opening band was Fog and the headliners were Deerhoof and The Fiery Furnaces...

Sounds like a great show man. I saw Deerhoof play over the summer when they opened for Radiohead.

and I've had a thing for the the girl from the Firey Furnaces for quite some time now. Very attractive woman she is and damn fine musician.

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FUCK!!!!! Lordi and TURISAS is sold out tomorrow, thanks to the internet for telling me tickets were still available the last 3 weeks. Cuntbag, I need to shove some poker chips down this mother.

Unholy Alliance II and THE GREATEST FUCKING CONCERT IN THE HISTORY OF THE HUMAN RACE are still both definities of course. Maybe I'm seeing Dream Evil and Korpi Mother Fucking Klaani on Sunday.

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Sounds like a great show man. I saw Deerhoof play over the summer when they opened for Radiohead.

and I've had a thing for the the girl from the Firey Furnaces for quite some time now. Very attractive woman she is and damn fine musician.

She's a very pretty gal. Whenever I listen to "Single Again" now I imagine her getting hit and it makes me sad. DX

Not sad enough to stop me from listening to the song multiple times though. :hardgay:

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Ok, I realize most of the people here don't like the same music as me, but I'm posting anyways. XD

I'm going to Atreyu this Sunday! I've been handing out fliers for them and may get to meet the band, so I'm excited. <3

And, Wednesday I may be going to the Nintendo Fusion Tour, which features The Sleeping, Plain White T's, EMERY, and *cough*Hawthorne Heights.*cough*

I'm a little scared of being around so many emo kids at once, but I'm more than willing to see Emery. :wub: Besides, skipping class for concerts is always fun.

Random fact- Alicia's first rock concert was Adema with all the original members for $5 in high school. (Sophomore year I think, but it could have been Freshmen.)

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Amon Amarth is exactly like they were everytime I've seen them...

Wintersun was super disappointing live, but it was still Wintersun so I was pretty much beyond excited. And being that they have only one CD... they played MOST of the songs I was looking forward to. I will admit that Beyond the Dark Sun is freaking AWESOME live.

And well... Tyr is god. That shit was some viking ass craziness. I never thought I'd live to see them in concert, and God am I glad I did. Hail to the Mother fucking Hammer. A great setlist, with a heavy focus on Eric the Red... which was good since I haven't heard the new album and couldn't sing along to anything from it.

Sorry for the quick runthrough... I'm off to some weird rock and roll bar tonight. I hear all they play is metal, which probably translates to Rammstein and Boehse Onkelz. But I'm ok with that. Fucking the Onkelz are the best band EVER. And maybe I'm crazy, but I never heard of them, despite them being old and super popular. They're like the Crown... only MORE buttrock, less deathmetal, and 10000x more hilarious.

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Korpiklaani are the greatest live band in the history of mankind.

Dream Evil were okay, fun to sing along to. Their bassist had more presence than their vocalist, and their vocalist was also off-key. Oh and no Gus G ;_;.

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