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^RIP :sad:

I went to go see Wolves in the Throne Room and Earth on Friday night. I looove living in a city with a real doom metal scene again :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: ... agagagag Seattle why did I ever leave you?! Anyway, both sets were rad, though of course I liked Earth more. See 'em live if you can. I have such a crush on their drummer. She's totally hot, obviously stoned, and an amazing super-slow human metronome (she keeps time perfectly! which ain't easy when yer in Earth...) :wub:

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Going to see St. Vitus soon, later in the month Black Tusk, Zoroaster and Dark Castle. JUNE IS FOR DOOOM :headbang:

As for music festivals in August I'm trying to go to Outside Lands in San Francisco, and in September Bumbershoot in Seattle. I'd love to go to All Tomorrow's Parties in upstate NY but I don't know if that's realistically going to happen.

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