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Accelerated Evolution

Deicide - The Stench Of Redemption


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i can't get into Deicide. i gave em a chance, put them in the DM hall of fame with Suffo and the gang, then i saw them live last summer and lost ALL respect for Glen. for those who missed the story last time i told it, here it is again:

Deicide is playing one of their million songs that sound exactly the same when some chick gets up on stage and starts dancing. Glen looks at her like "...the fuck are you doing up here?" and pushes her off into the audience, which was cool. after the song wraps up he says, "get her out of here. i want her thrown out. hey (to security), either she goes or we go"

i shit you not. the big, bad DM "legend" was going to fucking walk if they didn't throw some random chick out

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Deicide isn't even relevant anymore.

ehmm yea i guess, when i saw the new album and listened to it, i got kind of excited about cause well i always do for new albums for bands i listen to, but yea iit was the first time i had listened to them in a while, there are much better Death Metal bands out there

the new album isnt too impressive either

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