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I was afraid (not really) of this. That the show would pretty much be directed just enough toward a certain audience that alot of people wouldn't enjoy. I, however, thought it was insanely fucking awesome. There was a Dead joke in the first fucking episode!

makes a good album cover!!

dude, the frost troll episode is going to be GOD.

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Fucking trolls! Almost none of the people that really watch Adult Swim is actually going to understand that whole troll/metal thing.

yup and it won't last long because it goes too far over everyones head.. and when that happens it gets the axe.

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is that shit still on?

but still watch and see..some non-metal heads are gonna bitch about it on the AS boards and then next thing ya know SquidBillies is gonna be in it's place.

They'll say the show is targeted towards metalheads.

And the AS execs will say, "Exactly."

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