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What instrument do you play


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iblowlines is an amazing drummer, he played for this incredible amazing ownage unbeilievable phenominal heavy metal awesome pwnage band called "Mega Squirrel," of which only one wierd unnamed demo song was never recorded lmfao

i play keyboard, and i need to start guitar soon

my solo atmospheric ambient band


my experimental atmospheric speed/power metal band


i was in the process of creating another solo project but my fkin microphone broke :mad:

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I know a guy who can hear a small clip of any drum sequence and play it preciscely, he rocks

I was at his house (in teh garage, lol), but I forgot my bass, and he started playing, then the gitaurist (Quest Meyer, big maiden fan) started playing this mad ass fast as hell metal riff and I let out a bitchin' scream

it was awesome

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I know some SICK KISS DRUM FILLS RAWRR \m/ \m/ hahaha

lol oh yeah i remember that, you had just started drums, and dan didnt know what he was doing :laugh:

and then we're havign band practice and sean and hirthy come and basically kill dan at bass and iblowlines at drums :laugh:

damn...those Mega Squirrel days.... :sad:

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I play guitar, a little bass just for fun and the ukelele I used to know how to play the trumpet but I sucked at it. im thinking of buying this like 400 dollar sitar soon but Im thinking its gonna be a big ass committment to learn how to play

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I fiddle. Fiddle around with instruments, that is. :O Give me an instrument and I'll start playing around with it and start making up stuff. :x

<3 My fave is what looks to be a balalaika, except it has a smaller base and a longer neck. :O And a bugle. I like the bugle. XD

I can also sing. :O Yeah.

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ive been seriously playing drums for about 4 years now, and messing around on guitar for about 6. I play the blues harp. i can read music, but can only apply that ability to the clarinet or bass clarinet.

On the drums i like to play alot of


Circle takes the square

The Bad Plus

Anything ska


and anything with blast beats

I really only play BM guitar for my project, and i no longer have a bass clarinet.

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Sheet music drives me crazy.

I play electric guitar. I play acoustic guitar when electric guitars aren't available. I play bass occasionally, but I wouldn't say I know how to at all. Also, I like messing about with drums but don't have a kit to play.

If you want I'll post a bitchin' solo later... I'm fucking tired right now and setting up recording stuff takes time.

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