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Rita,Chachi,Chereen,FooFighters, AE(some posters in general),Comic Books,Great friends in real life,Everything dealing with Detroit, the color blue,Doritoey cheesy fingers,waking up with an erection, videogames,Time travel, GTO anime series, anime in general, Cammy from Street fighter, Hsien-ko from Dark Stalkers, Donatello of the Ninja Turtles, May from Guilty Gear..jus to name a few.

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learning just about anything

lying my ass in the sun!!

drinking with good friends

being around loved ones!!!!!!

sex :ninja:


pumping iron


dance dance revolution

my puppy

good freaking food!!

That probably sums it up

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Rain when the sun is shining


pretty baubles, especially made out of metal or colored glass


things that smell good (BPAL) (Shoyeido)

soft fabric

beautiful people - especially beautiful boys

the sensation of sun warming my skin

floating in calm ocean water

warm socks fresh out of the dryer

Reading/watching good stories (The Etched City) (City of Lost Children)

Dreaming (god I love dreaming so much, you have no idea)

Pretty pictures (especially Yoshitaka Amano)

Yuki Kajiura music

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