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-the end records: http://theendrecords.com/

i've been ordering from them for years. not just my favorite label, a sweet webshop

-century media: http://www.centurymedia.com/

ordered from them a few times back in the day (they had the unholy disco for sale a while back so i had to get some). reliable, but the inventory wasn't updated often and they charge for shipping and tax (in CA), which isn't great

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Eat Death thanks TCZ

This is a very good place to do business. Prices are good, shipping is average and they're totally legit. They take money orders and cash.

i really want to order some stuff from that place. i only have like 4 shirts left that i can wear in public without looking like a total tard :|

*update: just sent the dude an email for burning witch and thrones t-shirts. when i determine what size looks OK i've got a few more to get

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two more:

red stream: they've been around forever, they rule, end of story.

got my stuff within a week of ordering, which is always the shit. snuck sales tax in after i ordered, which was pretty lame. and there's no email notification so they leave you wondering if your order actually got processed

earache: i was kinda hesitant, what with the site being super janky and Earache having a reputation as a pretty gnarly company, but i ordered last friday and my CDs are here this friday. and they were $6.66 each, no shipping fees, FUCK yah

but they gave me a Deicide poster. minus two points

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