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Kahn vs. Lehmann


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The debate is on. Some would argue that Germany had a chance of being the chance if they had Kahn as the #1 choice as the goalkeeper. Others would say that Lehmann is better in blocking penalty shots though. Age factor is not an excuse in comparing the two, they are born of the same year so aging would not be an excuse.

On a personal opinion, I'd say Kahn. He used to be world's number one, and although he's not as good as he was 4 years ago, he did a good job in the final game of his career when they beat Portugal. CRonaldo was totally owned when his kick was blocked by Oliver. Of course I love Jens Lehmann, I'm a huge Arsenal fan and he did the best that he could to let Germany survive, especially during the penalty shootout against Argentina. So I don't think Klinsmann made the wrong decision in choosing Lehmann as the primany goalkeeper, but I think he should have used Kahn as a substitute especially during the extra time against Italy when Lehmann wasn't playing a good game.

I just don't know if there are other teams that the goalkeepers gets the most cheers and chants during the game. In the third place match, it's as if people feel orgasm when Oliver Kahn holds or grabs the ball.

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Oliver Kahn was the better goalkeeper, but I don't know now or during the WC. Lehmann is a great keeper, and Kahn hasn't been given as much chances to show if he can still go as Lehmann. But Kahn did own Portugal.

However, Kahn's 2002 final will really stand as a dark spot on his career.

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Schumacher would kick both thier arses.

If you don;t know who Schumacher is you really need to delve into football history. He actually got voted the most hated german. He was one above Hitler.

Toni Schumacher is one rung above Hitler and one rung below Maradona.

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Lehmann is an amazing goal keeper, but he lacks when his teams defence isn't up-to par. He's outstanding in Arsenal because Arsenal is defence oriented with only Henry on the attack. Germany vs. Costa rica in the WC is a perfect example of how Lehmann needs a solid defence to survive. Kahn is more of a Solo keeper, not really counting on his defence as much as his own skills.

It's a close call, but I give it to Kahn. Only thing that stopped him was his age really.

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