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I heard something about solitary confinement on NPR. Man, they spend like 22.5 hours in a tiny cement room, and then 1.5 in a small yard with 20 foot high cement walls and never get to see or talk to more make contact with anyone...

All the beds in the psyche ward of that prison are full all the time, needless to say.

Prison is not cool.

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I always thought it would be awesome to do something really fucking insane and get sent to an asylum, where you can ride out the rest of your days on the government's dime; free meals, free entertainment (other crazy people), and free drugs.

But I'm not quite sure how to fake the kind of insanity that keeps someone from being capable to stand trial.

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dude a pack of smokes can save you from alot of shit..like anal rape and getting shanked.

Which finally proves, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, that cigarettes not only provide a memory benefit from the smooth taste of nicotine, but they also save lives!

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Prisoners actually do get paid for the work they do, even though it's at insane wages (I've heard less than a dollar an hour) and they have to use this money to buy toothpaste, food, shit like that. I think it might depend on the prison.

Your taxes only pay for prisoners indirectly, since the government contracts different companies to run the prisons, and obviously pays them for it.

Most prisoners, however, don't make enough money to buy anything but the most basic stuff... And only that when you really, really need it.

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