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Let's discuss about idealism. Is it just a waste of time and intelligence? Or is it something to inspire us to do somthing to change the world?

I'm essentially an idealist, but I know how to play the game of reality. But of course at times I feel guilty of being too idealistic. Especially when in our school I am part of the student government and always dream of having a revolution in our school to change the university system. We are currently in a battle against the corrupt hypocrites who are Christian fundamentalists.

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...talk about fishing for trouble.

As for the actual topic at hand, idealism should be used as a benchmark as opposed to a way of living. It's fine to have an ideal to work towards, but it's absolutely ass-backwards to live anticipating everything- or anything, really- to be ideal at the onset.

"Expect the best, prepare for the worst" is damned good advice.

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