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Putting together a mixed CD for my brother.

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So, my brother has been really getting into his acoustic guitar. He is taking weekly lessons and spends a lot of time practicing guitar tabs for the soundtrack to the PS1 RPG Chrono Cross.

Now, he listens to rap... entirely. Outside of the Chrono Cross soundtrack, it's only rap. And the crappy mainstream rap at that. : \

So I figured I'd burn him a mixed CD of some songs with good guitar work. I was thinking of focusing on prog rock and metal...

I'm gonna put the Disillusion song "Fall" on there, "A Trace in the Blood" by Pain of Salvation, and the Symphony X song "Sea of Lies" for sure, and maybe "Hallowed Be Thy Name" by Maiden.

Now, I could use suggestions for some other stuff...

He's left handed so I figure some Jimi Hendrix and Yngwie Malmsteen would be cool. I don't have anything from either of them, so that would be appreciated.

I also need suggestions for Dream Theater and Spock's Beard songs to include in there.

I would like to know if you think including some Rush in there would be good.

If any of you could suggest and/or give me some other stuff that might work, I would really appreciate it. Rock, metal, acoustic guitar, anything.

Just no growling or yelling, because he's not a big fan of heavy music anyway, and no Dragonforce suggestions please.

Sorry if this sounds like a demand, and thanks in advance guys.

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And I showed him "Master of Puppets" once and he didn't like it.

I need to hook him up with some Maiden too.

And could you get me some more Anthrax? I forgot about them, they're pretty rad and good guitars.

I would have to upload it first. u___u

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In my opinion, if he doesn't like heavy music, don't give him heavy music. But I guess I'm crazy.

For Jimi Hendrix, I think "Electric Ladyland" is a great album, both in terms of music and also in terms of Jimi Hendrix being a really good guitar player. However, for the situation at hand I would suggested "Are You Experienced?", the Experience's first album. A lot of the songs on there have fairly simple riffs, some of them because they are classic blues songs/work like classic blues songs. Learning the kind of music played on this album is essential for a guitar player, in my opinion. This album also has the advanage of containing some of Jimi Hendrix's most widely played songs, so they'll doubtless be familiar.

I happen to think Frank Zappa is a really good guitar player, so anything I send to you in relation to this project will include a couple Zappa songs no matter what you do.

Same thing with Dick Dale. Dick Dale and his Del-Tones are one of the bands that inspired me to play the damn instrument in the first place. Classic surf rock.

I have no idea if your brother would like this at all, but I have a few albums by this trio of dudes named Paco de Lucia, Al di Meola, and John McLaughlin who play acoustic guitars... Spanish and classical stuff. It's pretty fun.



Carlos Santana is a guitar god. I will definitely send you some of his stuff.

I have some stuff by Eric Clapton, too, he's pretty famous in terms of guitar-playing.

As for Spock's Beard, I only have their album V (but I want more, wink-wink-nudge-nudge) but I think that has totally awesome guitar parts. Especially in the songs "Revelation," and "Thoughts (Part II)." I only wish their singer didn't bug me so much, otherwise Spock's Beard would be one of my favorite bands already.

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Thanks for the suggestions. He said I could burn him some Pain of Salvation and Dream Theater so I thought I'd give it a try.

And CARLOS SANTANA! Thanks Cerazie, I can't believe I didn't think of him. Could you upload some of that stuff? Spanish guitar is the bomb shizzle.

I will upload his first album sometime tomorrow.

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If he's interested in Chrono Cross stuff I'm sure he's learned the intro to Time's Scar. I just a few weeks ago wrote out a decent take on the upbeat bit that follows. If he's interested I can post the chord progression, and if he can pull it off flawlessly he's already better than me.

Anyway, if the kid's getting in to acoustic guitar introducing him to prog is definitely not the answer. I have John Petrucci, Eric Johnson, and Rhapsody to thank for the fact that it took me four years to find my niche. That sort of skill is only inspiring until you discover that there is no way in hell you'll ever attain it, at which point it becomes a drastic deterrent. I instead recommend you make him a mix of awesome acoustic songs. Here are some of the better ones I play:

Especially if he's interested in singing too, Death in June is awesome. The very first song I ever learned to sing and play was Rose Clouds of Holocaust, and years down the road I still play it every day. Death in June is awesome for really simple acoustic songs. He may need to invest in a capo to pull off some of the vocals, but most of the songs themselves are simple enough that he could probably figure them out without tabs. Definitely hook him up with Rose Clouds of Holocaust, Little Black Angel, Runes and Men, and Fall Apart for starters. I play all of them pretty regularly. For every amazing song the guy wrote he has a dozen that are utter rubbish, so I don't recommend rampantly downloading them, but I can list off some other tracks worth checking out if either of you like them.

Opeth's Patterns in the Ivy is a must. Credence is pretty cool too, though difficult I suspect for a beginner.

If he's interested in country/blues at all, The Ballad of the Crimson Kings by Ray Wylie Hubbard is a fun acoustic song to play.

For some reason that now that I think of it I shall readily correct, I don't know any songs by Of the Wand & the Moon, but I imagine they're all pretty easy and entertaining. Raven Chant is worth listening to for starters.

Red Right Ankle by The Decemberists is a great acoustic song to play. So are Eli, the Barrow Boy and Shiny.

Elliott Smith is an inspiring acoustic guitarist if ever I've heard one. Southern Belle, Needle in the Hay, Single File, The Biggest Lie, really his entire self titled album from start to finish is fabulous. His sound is so encompassing you don't even notice that most of the tracks are just vocals and a guitar.

My favorite band far and wide to play on acoustic guitar is The Shins. Their music, especially the first album, is very easily adapted to a solo style that you can effortlessly sing along to and sound badass doing so. Pink Bullets, Caring is Creepy, New Slang, The Past and Pending, and One by One All Day are probably my favorites to play.

Check out Morrissey's Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself.

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EDIT: I'd appreciate those tabs.

The intro can be found here if you don't have it: http://www.videogamejam.com/psx/ccross_scars.txt

As for the part that follows, with a number of variations it's basically Em, G, Cmaj7, Bm, A, G, Esus, Cmaj7, Bm, A, G, D, Em. Here are the chords tabbed out as I play them. As for rhythm, figure something out:

Em beginning part before the melody kicks in, played twice:







The second bit, more variations of Em moved up to a G at the end, played twice:







The part that repeats for the rest of the song. I just used X for spacing, you don't have to mute it or anything:







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