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Varg Denied Parole


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i still find it funny that in Norway the maximum sentance you could get is 21 years...

as for Varg, i'm not really surprised... what with him trying to escape on his last weekend leave.. with a bunch of guns in his car. you know he's gonna go out and either get killed, kill someone, or do something equally as stupid, thus sending him back to jail anyway. it's just easier on Norwegian authorities to leave him in there ...

it would be interesting to see what he'd come up with (musically wise)

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He only has an acoustic guitar in his cell, so at least he could still make music. Another ambient album would be fantasic. His last one is a favorite of mine. Though... if we got another Filosofem, that would be even better.

I don't think he would kill anyone either, he said in an interview that he just wants to get away from society and live by himself when he is released.

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