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Harry Potter Star to appear naked on the London stage.

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Naked stage role for Potter star

Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe is to appear on the London stage next year, playing a stable boy who has an erotic relationship with his horses.

Richard Griffiths will co-star in the revival of Peter Shaffer's 1973 play Equus, to open in the capital in March.

Radcliffe and Griffiths are currently shooting the fifth Harry Potter film.

The role will require Radcliffe, 17, to appear naked and symbolically blind six horses. Richard Burton and Peter Firth starred in the 1977 film version.

Firth played disturbed stable boy Alan Strang in the original London stage production and later on Broadway.

Equus will be directed by Thea Sharrock, director of the Gate fringe theatre in Notting Hill, west London.

The controversial play marks a departure for Radcliffe, whose only previous stage appearance in London was as a guest star in The Play What I Wrote, directed by Kenneth Branagh.

He recently completed filming December Boys, an independent Australian film about four orphans growing up in the 1960s.


It's quite a daring move, hopefully it should silence his neighsayers.

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i heard he was going to be riding these horses naked, and poking them in the eyes with metal wires.

source: http://www.dailynews.com/gossip/ci_4108495

That's not how the play works. Yes, he does get naked, and he does ride the horses, but the horses aren't actually horses. They're actors wearing costumes that are intentionally unrealistic. One of the big plot points is before the action starts he stabbed a horse's eyes out with a stake or something.

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I feel sorry for the future audiences.

This is an awesome post which hits on the topic of discussion at hand and contributes tons of content. Good going, and thank you for providing me with one of the best posts I've seen in a while! emot-haw.gif

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