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New skin LIVE! Logo contest!

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Well... I've done it. The new skin is up and running. I really hope you all enjoy our new theme.

Please report ANY AND ALL bugs with the skin here.

Comments on the skin are appreciated.

The new Logo Photoshop contest has begun...

Please post all entries here. (Note: Logos must not exceed 57px in height or 500 px in width)

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I like the colors of this one, but the text of the posts seems a bit small. could just be my monitor resolution.

If only my photoshop wasn't broken down...I'll try logo creation in fireworks, but that program isn't half as smooth as photoshop.

EDIT: first attempt, pretty basic but haven't used fireworks in a while.


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hey admin is there a way to randomize it like AN? we could make a lot of random awesome characters with simple text like that and itd be awesome. :hardgay:

I htink that if elite enabled PHP images (Read: random image scripts) then he could just upload all the files to a photobucket or something and make a random php file

but he disabled php in images for security reasons

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