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Trek of a Question

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Star Trek's always been praised for it's philosophy and message of global peace with the depiction of a future society that has united to end hunger, war, and poverty. However, did it really suggest that mankind can become a peaceful race, or did it merely suggest that our only hope for peace with each other is a mutual hatred for aliens with forehead ridges, identical Beatles hair cuts, and pointy ears? Can we truly put aside differences and respect different cultures, beliefs, and races, or do we need to meet Romulans in order to set aside our hatred for each other and direct it onto them?

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There are a few things we know, being that the Star Trek Universe is very well established. From my knowledge the world becomes united shortly after first contact, wars are a thing of the past right away. For one thing Earth is completely worn out from the Third World War, in the years that followed people lived in fear and poverty. In some places, Anarchy. Realisticly there really wasn't any chance that war would retart as both sides had been decimated. Most major cities destoryed, 600 million dead world wide (compared to WW2s 50 million)

It would be assumed that the world is tired of war, but untrusting of the two major factions that were involved. But when the Vulcans came, everything changed. Humanity began to not see themselves as seperate but as a single group, and as trade of information and formal alliences were forged with the Vulcans, the world began to get better. More trusting, more open, less hostile. Recovery from the war increased very quickly.

However, the entire world wasn't affected right away. There were some states, from what we know in asia, that reverted to a state of near barbarism that followed the credo: "kill all the lawyers" and "guilty until proven innocent."

Captain Jean-Luc Picard is noted as saying that Due to these and other factors, parts of Earth would continue to be in "chaos" well into the early 22nd century.

Of course than comes movements toward a more unified world. European Hegemony was one of the first, the date when it was established is never stated, but it was around in 2123. This and other such alliences would lead to establishing the first world government in 2150, 87 years after first contact. At that point the world was pretty much in the peaceful state, not exactly like it is in Kirks time, but getting there.

First Contact with the Romulans happened in 2154, and not a pleasent first contact either. But Earth still knew almost nothing about the Romulans. In 2155 the Romulans sent a single ship into Terran space that prayed on Telerite, Terran, Andorian, and Vulcan ships in an attempt to drive a wedge between their potental enemies. However this only worked to bring the four races closer together.

Even though there was mostly acceptence of alien races on earth, there still was a xenophobic movement as late as 2155 which almsot caused the death of a delegation which was moving toward a formal trade agreement and semi-allience between Terra, Andoria, Telerite, and Vulcan. This was prevented, this small group was gotten rid of and most of the population of terra were against their actions.

In 2156, the Romulans made claims on Vulcan colonies, and the vulcans responded with force. Terra decleared war soon after. Around 2158 all four of the races that signed the allience were in the war and pushing the Romulans back. Colonies were bombed into dust, anti-matter and nuclear weapons were used on both sides without thought.

2160 The Battle of Cheron was fought, along the pre-war Romulan boarder. The Romulans suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of the allied powers. Shortly after, using sub-space radio, a formal treaty was made which established the Neutral Zone. The Romulans went into isolation and were mostly forgotten for almost 100 years.


October 11th, 2161 - The Federation is created. The four founding races are Terrans, Telerites, Andorians, and The Vulcans.

So, as you can see, earth fell into the pattern of peace years before any hostile alien race appeared.

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I knew all of that. This was more of a philosophic question about the real world and whether or not humans can unify like in Star Trek.


Well I've said many a time based on Star Trek and Asimov and Heinlein novels that this world can never be truely peaceful until a great war happens that nearly destroyed the planet.

That is the only way I see it happening.

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