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To really understand why this shit that has recently gone on you really need to hear all that has happend.

My mother has had a series of bad relationships.

Her first husband bropke her finger. She split up with my dad when I was only six. The bloke she went with wopuld shout alot and once I came home to find he attempted to drown her in the bath. The next person she was with dave brown hit her on several occasions. My brother broke both his knuckles knocking the cunt out to stop him. He also chocked her ripped her clothes and threw her down on occasion. Tried to smash in the car window while we were in it to get to her. Her next danny frequently when drunk would insult her choke her and throw her about then drag her back when she tried to leave infront of us. Grabbed her by the neck in the street. Once he threw a chair at her and tiupped over a pool table in the pub trying to get her. Not to mention the time he hit her two the floor then kicked her in the face nearly breaking her nose, giving her two black eyes and a terrible mark up th nose and to the forehead.

I have seen my older brother go through just as much shit. Since he was 16 he has been in fights. Had knives pulled out on him had 3 men attack him each time he ahs come off the better but has been taken to court. He has had someone smash through the back car window while his son was in the back. He has ahd to glass someone etc. His ex stabbed him once naturally I had to see him walk through the door bleeding. His most recent ex through darts and glasses at him and tried to stab him and beat him.

I have seen my older brother get thrown out of the house many times and get into verbal and pushing fights with both my parents once where my dad tried to throw him out my older brother threw my dad out instead and seriously hurt hus leg.

Same ahs happend with my parents with exteme verbal fights and the throwing of clothes oput the window etc.

My entire life I have been surrounded by family violence and quite a few of them have been alchol inspired. All of them been at such a young age when I really couldn;t do anything about it or help out the people I cared for.

And recently my little brother has become so agumentative, with his answering back and smat remarks trying to piss people off. He has been swearing that much more and causing rows. But with what just went on tonight I eally couldn;t stand for. It started off simply by my mum asking him to do something naturally he whined and said to get me to do it. Buggered off somewhere. My m7um went after him a buit later trying to explain why she was annoyed. My mum is in serious trouble and really needs all the help she can get with her pub business not doing so well due to 4 morgages she has to pay her sister being a bitch and m,any other worries she has going on. SAo naturally when she see my little brother not give a rats ass she gets annoyed. She also requested her money back for some reaosn or another and my little brother started getting really shirty about it and shouting/swearing. She got annoyed. to say the least. She was going to split the money with him and his gf but he just kepot shouting and swearing and raising his voice. So much to the point where she tried to grab him and he kicked a chair at her got iright in ehr face and said go on and hit me then. Me and my older brother came in to calm everything down and solve it. Asked him nicely to just give the money back and this will all end nciely. But my little brother took the money out of his piocket and ripped it up after saying go on ehre is your money then threw it on the floor. My big briother grabbed him and threw him out. All the while me and my mum tried to stop his gf from stopping what my brother was doing. As she was shouting and hitting my odler brother trying to stop hoim.

My little brother got thrown out onto the floor and locked out where he now has to stay at his gf's.

The night as been absolutely shit and I feel fuck8ign awful to see this all happen and put my little brother through this and see my mum in tears and go through this crap too.

So right now I'm really feeling like shit.

Please excuse grammar and spelling/typos due to tiredness and a feeling that I really can;t be bothered after this and it being nearly 1am.

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Fuck, man. I don't know what to say, but I hope things get better.

It sounds like you're not doing anything wrong, though. It's good that you're helping your mom with things, it sounds like.

I don't understand why the hell he would tear up money. But maybe he'll realize how fucking stupid he's being.

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On top of all this a week ago my dad was literally pissing blood out of his ase. He went into hospital due to severe chest and arm pains. He has a really bad heart as it is and has to take tablets to thin his blood. Turned out the blood loss caused a haemoglobin disorder due to lack of it or something. The bleeding was due to a lump up his arse. He has had to have 3 pints of blood in him to sort out the disorder but we're still waiting on the results of the biopsy to find out what the lump is. There is a posibility it could be cancer.

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How old is your brother? It sounds to me like all of you have been through some hard times, and your little brother may be taking it out on the rest of you. He's seen a lot of violence in his life, so it makes sense that he would use aggression as a way to deal with things rather than try to logically talk it out or anything.

If I were you I'd try calling your little brother. Just make small talk or something. Any little bit of attempt could cool things down between you.

I had some similiar issues with a couple family members, but since they were only cousins and lived on the other side of the country I just kind of let them go. I don't regret it, but I could never let my own brothers leave my life so easily. (Actually, part of the reason I got rid of my cousins was because of how they treated my brothers.)

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