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    • The Clear Seas and Spanning Horizons
    • The Shadow Brotherhood.
    • The Asylum

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So, I have three ideas for roleplays, and I'm gonna poll you guys to see which you like most. We would be using The Window for all of them.


A sea based adventure. The world is mostly a bunch of islands of varying size after a flood caused by forces unknown swept over the planet a century ago. The characters could be privateers, explorer, pirates... whatever. There would be plenty of islands to chart out outside of ones everyone knows about so it'd be like blazing a new frontier. I'd do my best to make adventuring on the sea and islands as interesting as possible, and many supernatural forces will be at work in the world. There will be maguc artifacts and items and such a forms of Shamanism and Voodun amongst some tribal people, but there will be no real drastic spell casting that characters will be capable of. I'll consider letting characters learn divination and other Voodoo magic if they are trained.

Rumor and lore also tell of 6 Horrors of the Sea that travel the waters of the world.


Thief based adventure! The characters would be part of the Shadow Brotherhood. It will be world spanning so hopefully we could cover multiple environments. If anything I want to do a Middle Eastern or Indian/Jungle theme. This is just being fleshed out in my mind and I can give you my crude ideas for ranking so far in the guild. Low magic, characters will be able to cast, and special earrings all members recieve allow for strategic communication.


Characters are disturbed individuals left trap in an abandoned asylum. They're dementias and disorders begin manifesting and what is actually a building that one could walk through in a mere 5 or 10 minutes becomes a twisted landscape of horrors and decadence alike, where a cell or a hallway can shrink into a confined box, a spanning meadow, a deliapidated and haunted corridor, or even a Hell only the insane could imagine. Reality and imagination/insanity blend as one and the characters begin sharing a psyche when close together, so they experiance the same things when nearby. The intent would be for the characters to escape the asylum and their twisted fantasies. They wish that once outside they may be liberated, and the mistreatment and abuse suffered in the illtended asylum will leave them be.

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