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Introduction to Circumpolar North


Introduction to Literary Structures

Introduction to Fiction

Introduction to Poetry


Introduction to Circumpolar North


Introduction to Literary Structures

Introduction to Fiction

Introduction to Poetry



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wow, calculus and english!!

my dream college schedule is:

intro to film

into to literature

intro to fashion construction

intro to biology

adv. japanese

intro to modern/post modern dance

also equestrian club

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Calc 2 5CR

6-8:30pm M+W

Chem 1 4CR

6-720pm T+R

Chem 1 Lab

7:30-10:10pm T

Physics 1 (engineering Physics) 5CR

8-9:20am T+R

Physics lab

T 9:30am-11:30am

Art (Fundamentals of Drawing) 3CR

2-5:15 W


17Credits worth

Plus my Job of making paper. :)

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ENG 210	  003	  4.00	   	MW	  10:20am - 12:10pm	  BH	  120

Intro to the Study of English 				

HST 150 	002 	4.00 		TuTh 	7:00pm - 8:20pm 		SKH 	109

World History since 1500 		 W	  1:50pm - 2:40pm 		BH 	105A

REL 205 	001 	3.00 		TuTh 	3:00pm - 4:20pm 	BDY 	144B

Myth, Self, and Religion

Oh and, as of yesterday I'm an English Major. We'll see how that goes...

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I only have one class right now. And classes start tomorrow. But I can't sign up for classes until I see an adviser because the school likes to dick me.

So here it is:

EC 360 Private Enterprise and Public Policy

Edit: 1/10/07

And I finally got the rest of my classes:

EC 301 Intermediate Microeconomics

TC 200 History and Economics of Telecommunications

ISB 208L Stupid biology lab that I have to take

I'm apparently an economics major now.

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Welcome to the dark side.

Well, it took me almost three years of college to decide on this, so hopefully its worth it.

I'm so fucking pissed that I had to spend $260 on books though, and I still have two very large books left to purchase... :mad:

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Mon, Wed, Fri:

World Music


Intro to Lit





:D I love my schedule. <3

(Plus I only spent $40 on books this term, yesssssss.)

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That's nothing.

I usually spend 4-500 per semester.

Yeah, but thats Canadian monopoly money. These are real U$ dollar bills.

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did i post my original schedule here?

anyway, two of my classes are changing.

Intro to Theatre => Book Making I

Holocaust and Other Genocides => Contemporary China

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9:00 MT RF Differential Equations and Matrix Algebra I

9:55 MT RF Introduction to Probability

10:50 W Physics III Lab (5/10 weeks in the term)

1:35 MT RF Physics III

3:25 MT RF Popular Literature

Awesome schedule, perfect for work, and practically symmetrical

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I've got a tottaly sweet schedule, very fluid, (cept for history >.>)

1st Period:

Drawing and Painting (back of school, near door to outside infront of portables)

2nd Period:

Geometry (STFU) in portables

3rd Period:

History (other side of school from portables)

4th Period:


5th Period:

Computer graphics and video (RIGHT NOW lol)

6th Period:


7th Period:

Study Hall or Gym

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Which is like, ~300-400 american? :tongue:

You forgot to say dollars! You are right, $400-$500 CND is about 300-400 American CENTS

ICE BURN :tongue:

Foldered, don't you understand that the B and I are just trying to save you some canuck bucks? :whistling:

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Bah, Canadian currency is so much cooler.

Colours! That's right, $5 is blue, $10 is purple, $20 is green, $50 is read, and $100 is brown.

Yeah, the colors ( :awesome: ) are pretty cool. But then you can't refer to money as greens.

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I'm actually running out of classes to take. @.@

I'm taking 15 credits this semester, so that I have the 12 credits I need to still be considered full time my final semester.

I'm taking-

Chem 111

A clinical seminar in psychology

Intro to Psychotherapies

Philosophy of the Person

I'm going to try for an on-campus job (very very part time, I just want the financial aide) and some research hours to look good for grad school.

I might try to sneak into one or two art therapy classes still. I haven't decided....

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this fall, coming soon to a college campus near me:

CHEM 201 Engineering Chemistry I (MWR lecture, T lab)

CSSE 232 Computer Architecture I (TRF)

CSSE 371 Software Requirements and Spec (MTRF)

MA 275 Discrete & Combinatorial Alg I (MTRF)

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Calc 3: Multivariable Calculus (MTH 234)

Physics for Engineers and Scientists II (PHY 184)

Discrete Structures in Computer Science (CSE 260)

and possibly Statistics for Engineers (STT 351)

and Spring should look something like this:

Calc 4: Differential Equations (MTH 235)

Computer Organization and Architecture (CSE 320)

Algorithms and Data Structures (CSE 331)

Object-Oriented Software Design (CSE 335)

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HS schedule

1: AP English - thaught by Mr Kenny of the pink pants

2: Economics (first semester only, I'm trying to drop it, but its supposedly required)

3: AP Euro

4: Advanced religion: (accredited through a local jesuit college)/ free/gym

5: lunch

6: AP Gov

7: Public speaking/free/lab

8: AP physics/lab - I'm dissapointed, sicne its not taught by the normal physics teacher, who is very interesting. He worked for nasa (for ten years, equal to the time he spent teaching, except hes been teaching for more than 20 years) invented time, and killed a polar bear with a toothpick, among other things.

at night: Calc 3 first semester, linear algebra second semester.

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im not sure yet but i think:

Free Period :awesome:

Japanese 4

Japanese Culture 4


British Lit.

some elective

some elective/math

free period :awesome:

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