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that my spring schedule as it stands. i still need one more class the meet once a week, but they all filled up before i enrolled and they haven't released the new ones yet. the green "X" is were i might be TAing, still no final decision on that yet.

AST 248= search for life in the universe

HIS 235= early middle ages

HUM 121= death and afterlife in literature

PHI 104= moral reasoning

WRT 102= writing workshop

Possibly TAing in PHI 105, which is about society, likely based on mainly on Plato’s republic, a guess based on the professor.

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Winter term schedule:


PHIL 201 = Intro to Philosophy 2

RUSS 244 = From War to Revolution*

Second RUSS 244 class later Wednesday = screening for From War to Revolution

GEOG 221 = Environment and Health

EPSC 200 = The Terrestrial Planets

*From War to Revolution = Russian literature from the Crimean War (1856) to the revolutions of 1917. The classical novel through Symbolism to the end of the Empire. Literature in an age of uncertainty. There will be an examination of the works of Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Chekhov, Bely, Gorky and other selected authors.

So that class is pretty much pure win.

AST 248= search for life in the universe

Sounds pretty cool.

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I'm a Philosophy/Sociology double major now! I signed up next year's classes, too:



PHIL 210- Intro to Deductive Logic: 9:35-10:25

PHIL 242- Intro to Feminist Theory: 10:35-11:25

PHIL 375- Existentialism: 12:35-1:25


ENGL 215- Intro to Shakespeare: 10:05-11:25

PHIL 361- 18th Century Philosophy: 2:35-3:55



SOCI 210- Sociological Perspectives: 9:35-10:25

RUSS 224- From War to Revolution: 11:35- 12:25

SOCI 222- Urban Sociology: 12:35-1:25


SOCI 211- Sociological Inquiry: 10:05-11:25

PHIL 334- Ethics 1: 2:35-3:55

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Preaching to the choir here, but this is my summer schedule.


Gym: 7-8

School: 9-4:45

Work: 5-10:30


Gym: 7-8

Work: 11-8


Running: 7-8

School: 9-4:45

Work: 5-10:30 (I am sometimes off on this day....sometimes.)


Same as Tuesday


Same as Tuesday


School: 8-5


Work: 9-8:30


Good bye Social Life!

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mah schedules


MW 530-645p W425


T 700-945p W935


W 700-945p A211

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Wha-cha! Only just shy of three weeks late being released!


Hellooooo 24 credit hours a week. At least I don't have any Saturday lectures.

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I'm taking Beginning Intensive Arabic right now. Next session I'm taking "the American Civil War" and then Fall Quarter I'm going to be doing a sixteen credit program on history and political science and just studying war in general called "Transforming the Art of War," plus a four credit 2nd-year Arabic independent contract. 20 credits don't seem too bad...

Also, I'm not able to register for it yet, but in Spring Quarter I'm planning on taking a program called "Popular Music and Literature of the 1960's." It's going to be so awesome to start a psychedelic band and get credit for it.

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My Fall schedule:

Basic Animation- M/W - 10-1150

Figure Drawing- M/W/F - 130-310

Botany- T/TH - 330-450

Creative Thinking- T/TH - 5-620

I am excited for the first two, dreading the other two. I'm almost done with all of my gen eds so then by Summer I should have nothing but animation classes. But with that, I'm not going to be full time because of the times they are offered, so I'm going to pick up a minor in Illustration to make up for it.

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Aha...got mine tonight. ~__~

First semester:

Theater Arts 1

World History Honors

Computer Applications 1

Algebra 1

Second semester:

Earth / Environmental Science Honors

Physical Education / Health

English 1 Honors

Dance 1

x__x dreading honors. -for those who may not know, honors is for teh SMARTIKL people. -

My world history teacher has a jewfro.

My math teacher is named Mr. Ball. -nearly called him Mr. Balls. -

And I shit you not, the man across from Mr. Ball, was named Mr. Dull. ~__~ I start school tuesday. Yippie.

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I've known mine since May.


9:55-10:45 Intro to Computational Science

10:50-11:40 American Modernism

11:45-12:35 European Romanticism

and various points throughout the quarter (for group meetings) and in general throughout the quarter:

Senior Project I

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School changed my schedule without so much as a heads up. Wa a little annoyed, but it's a actually better now. Less of a gap on Wed and I get out earlier on Fridays now.


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Monday:Intro to Feminist Theory (10:35-11:25), Existentialism (12:35-1:25), 17th Century Philosophy (1:35-2:55)

Tuesday: Intro to Shakespeare (10:05-11:25), Development and Underdevelopment (11:35-12:55), Intro to Shakespeare conference (3:05-3:55)

Wednesday: Intro to Feminist Theory (10:35-11:25), Existentialism (12:35-1:25), 17th Century Philosophy (1:35-2:55)

Thursday: Intro to Shakespeare (10:05-11:25), Development and Underdevelopment (11:35-12:55)

Friday: Intro to Feminist Theory conference (10:35-11:25), Existentialism conference (11:35-12:25)

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My Spring classes

Character Development- 9:30-10:50- T/Th

Character Movement- 11:30-1:02- T/Th

Art History-Renaissance to Baroque- 2:30-3:50- T/Th

Sociology- 7:30(pm)-8:50(pm)- T/Th

I am so excited for my character classes. And for the fact that I don't have to be there 5 days a week again.

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A little cramped, but not so bad.


MNFG 200 - Manufacturing and Fabrication Fundamentals

Mech 210 - Mechanical Systems

OPMT 330 - Applied Operations Management

Elec 322 - Electrical Applications

ELTR 293 - Electronic Components

EMSI 210 - Electromechanical Systems Integration: Automation

EMSI 285 - Electromechanical Systems Integration: Robotics

CSTM is just a weekly meeting thing. Usually it gets cancelled.

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New schedule:

Monday:  Work 8-12 at job #1; 12:30-3pm at Job #2

Tuesday:  School 8:30am-12:50pm; work job #3 1-4pm, school 4-5:20; job #2 5:30-7:30pm

Wednesday:  Work 8-12 at job #1; 12:30-3pm at Job #2

Thursday:  School 8:30am-12:50pm; work job #3 1-4pm, school 4-5:20; roller derby practice 7-8pm

Friday: Work #1 8am-4:30pm

Weekends: Off mostly, for homework!  And to attend events for job #2.  Fun!  Busy!

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Current semester:

Mon: Advanced Robotics 385 9-11, Mechanical Elements 215 11-1, MNFG 333(Solid Works) 4-6

Tue: Advanced PLC Programming 380 9-12, Advanced Robotics 385 2-3, Fluid Dynamics 3-5

Wed: Advanced PLC Programming 380 8-10, Solid Works 10-12, Fluid Dynamics 1-3

Thu: Advanced Robotics 385 8-11, Fluid Dynamics 12-1, Mechanical Elements 215 1-3

Fri: Mechanical Elements 10-12

And then I basically work Fri, Sat, Sun. I'm so ready to be done with school.

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I'm doing an independent learning contract at my school, which means I don't ever go to school. The only time I need to be at school is right now where I'm typing up my contract proposal, so I can hunt down my professor and hand it to her (she isn't responding to my emails).

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My current schedule for the Fall. I picked up a minor in Illustration. It's only 7 classes but there is so much overlap between Animation and Illustration that I might just make it my second major.

Animation Pre-Production Techniques MW 130-350

Animation Timing TTH 530-650

Animation 3D1 TTH 7-850

Intro to Illustration MW 530-650

Critical Thinking TTH 1230-150

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