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into eternity

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well the new album is getting around, so here's a place to talk about it

*new album courtesy of Stranger: Into Eternity - The Scattering of Ashes

but what i've been wondering is this: are into eternity popular? they got nothing but killer reviews and good press after buried in oblivion and the prior album, and people are grabbing the new leak left and right, but i've seen the band live at least twice and the crowd has never been too stoked for them. not to mention they're always on the lower half of the bills they play, which is fucking ridiculous because they put on one of the best live shows around

anyways... discuss

**thoughts on new album after seven songs: i'd been wondering if they'd turn the shred down, and they did... but they made sure to keep it interesting. buried in oblivion wasn't a cookie cutter album by ANY means, but i could see someone confusing one track with another. the songs on the new one do seem a bit more varied, but i need more time with it to say for sure

and the cover is goofy as hell. the top half is bearable, but the hand...

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**added it, Matt :crube:

man, this album is DAMN refreshing. i've been needing something of this calibre lately

hard to believe a band can change like 17 members between albums and still make such amazing music. you guys seeing them live for the first time might be missing out since Rob Doherty isn't in the band anymore. the shred-battles between him and Roth (the only original member?) were fucking epic. sweat beading down their faces, teeth clenched...

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