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Licensing Rights and Other News


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This thread I guess can be used for listing licensing rights and other anime news that comes to mind. Maybe even linking to fansubbers who are still subbing recently licensed anime.

I'll list some recent licenses. All of the below are Funimation licenses also.

Tsukuyomi ~ Moon Phase ~


Black Cat

Tsubasa Chronicle

Solty Rei

Yeah, some really popular anime in there. Shinsen Subs received a C&D Letter to stop hosting the last three (All of which are really popular) and that's being viewed as a declaration of licensing rights.

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I think that Cease and Decist letter is bullshit. It says that Shinsen-Subs got a letter to stop distributing BC, but Shinsen has never subbed Black Cat.

Well apparently the letter was also sent to another site that distributes a large amount of anime.

So I guess Shinsen and this other site were told "Aw hell no" when it came to distributing those 3 titles, and maybe more.

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There's been a lot of manga licenses lately...

Air Gear (Del Rey) --- Actually looks pretty interesting, does anyone know anything about this one?

Sabakareshi Mono (DramaQueen)

Saigo no Shouzou (DramaQueen)

Netsujou no Virtuoso Bangai Soushuuhen (DramaQueen)

DramaQueen is a brand new company, it'll be interesting to see how they do.

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Air Gear is done by the same guy who is doing Tenjo Tenge. I read a few chapters awile ago and it really didn't do anything for me. At the very least, the writing didn't make my head hurt like Tenjo Tenge did~

I disliked the little bit of TenGAY I looked at. I might still and try to give this a look.

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I’ll be typing up something with more detail later but wanted to get out that ADV has licensed…

GAINAX’s Kono Minikuku mo Utsukushii Sekai (This Beautiful and Ugly World).

Also announced was Area 88 OVA.

The next big manga titles will be their previously announced titles Alice Freaks and NGE: Angelic Days. Expect to see the rest of Orphen, Chrono Crusade and FMP: Overload! in the coming months.

Meh. KonoMimi wasn't a very good show. Don't really see why anyone should have even bothered with it~

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....How did they come out? I haven't heard anything negative about thier releases yet.

They had really good dubs I heard. The DVDs were all in all great.

I'm pointing out that they came out very quickly. Champloo was airing on TV before it finished airing in Japan if I recall.

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