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N64 Kid Exposed!

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YouTube.com has been skyrocketing in popularity over the last year. User created videos either make us laugh, or astonish us. Every now and then, a video comes around that just makes you so surprised, that you send it to everyone you know. The Nintendo Sixty Four Kid is one of these videos. The video shows a brother and sister fresh out of bed, in their pajamas, opening presents at their Christmas tree. When the boy opens the present, he is amazed to see a Nintendo 64. "NINTENDO SIXTY-FOUR!" he screams. Then he takes note that "now we can order games from Blockbuster!" His mother then tells him that he can open up his small presents. He receives a "NINTENDO 64...car...."

Now five months after the video gained popularity, the kid has stepped up and claimed his place. Brandon Kuzma is selling his console on eBay.

"This is the actual N64 and controllers seen in the "N64 Kids" video that has been spread over the internet the past month or two. The video has even found its way to VH1 on the show "Web Junk." I am the boy in the video, and was told that I should put this on ebay, and since i dont play it as much I decided to put in here. The n64 works perfectly, and comes with 2 controllers (clear purple, and grey) and the first game i ever purchased, Star Wars Shadows of the Empire."

We have contacted the Nintendo 64 kid (Brandon Kuzma), who is now working as an editor/producer for skateboard videos made in Florida. His website can be viewed at http://www.kuzmadv.com/

DSMeet.com: So, who was the present from?

Nintendo 64 Kid: From my mom and pops. They were always saying they'd never buy me or my sister a video game system, that's why I was so excited about it.

DSMeet.com: Who decided to put this video on the internet?

Nintendo 64 Kid: Haaha well, I showed the video to my girlfriend Aysha, and she said that it was so funny, and I should put it on my website, Kuzmadv.com. I originally didn't want to cause I thought people would think it was stupid but I did it anyways. So the first site it was on was my own personal site I made, www.kuzmadv.com . Then I posted it on a skateboard filming/editing/photo forum site called skateperception.com . Then I guess someone took it off there and posted it on youtube and it went bonkers.

DSM: Has anyone ever recognized you since then?

N64Kid: Not really.

DSM: Are you a gamer?

N64Kid: NO not at all actually, haha I spend my time filming skateboarding and short films, editing, working on my website, skateboarding, being with my girlfriend, and what not.

DSM: Did you play the N64 for long?

N64Kid: I played for like a year then got out of it. I still NEVER play video games, cept for 007 golden eye every once in a while.

DSM: What was your favorite N64 game?

N64Kid: It was and still is 007.

DSM: How is that... toy...car...?

N64Kid: It sucked... like I thought. I opened it and it turned right when you steered left and visa versa. It was lame.

DSM: What was the best Holiday Gift you ever received after that?

N64Kid: I got a plane ticket to my buddy's house in PA last year, um not sure though.

DSM: Was your response anything close to that?

N64Kid: No not at all. I think I used my lifetime supply of excitement all in one gift that year.

DSM: Who decided to auction the N64 on Ebay?

N64Kid: I did, its the real thing. A lot of people were telling me I should post it and that they would buy it so I did. I REALLY need the money for college, and a car/ insurance and basically life like everyone else. I'm struggling finding a job and this would help out so much.

DSM: What do you think of other Nintendo things (Gamecube, DS, Upcoming "Wii")?

N64Kid: I guess its pretty cool if your into games, but to me, I could really care less. Like I said I don't play video games much at all.

DSM: Do you like potato salad?

N64Kid: Naaa dood.

DSM: What's your favorite flavor bowling ball?

N64Kid: Probably the ones with the flowers and the happiness that comes out of it.


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