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After seeing the very suave man in the header (by which I mean that Issac Hayes lookalike), I feel that you've made strides to strengthen this forum's pimp-hand, old-school style.

With that, I am staying at AE. I'll change my display name to a KMFDM reference, however, so it's like I'm really saying "govern your soul!"

Those of you who have it, feel free to sing along to Vogue with me.

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i ate isaac hayes for breakfast, ironic, huh? no wait, that was raisin bran oh there's a pigeon on the ground ew. i think its dead, ima go poke it now...

But anyway Kreutz, all pigeon poking and cases of mistaken cannabalism aside, glad to see you back... we thought you had fallen off the face of the moon. I mean Jupiter. No, not jupiter. BURMA.

Now we just need Hero and lindsay (I guess...) back.

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