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Video Game Quotes

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"Colonel: There should be a security panel to the far north of you, a NODE.

Raiden: Did you say nerd?

Colonel: Not Nerd, NODE.

Raiden: Oh.."

"Guard 1: Its freezing! I hope no one tries to get in this place, I don't know if my fingers can pull the trigger.

Guard 2: No problem, we can always throw icicles at the enemy

Both: Ho ho ho ho!"

"Sigma: You were created to serve me!"

Zero: Maybe so, but I still don't like you!"

"LeChuck: Soon I'll use this voodoo cannonball to send my significant other to the significant OTHERWORLD! Bwa, ha, ha. That'll show her how much I truly care."

"No one has ever drawn blood from me and no one ever will."

"You run THAT fast?"

"Yo gangsta! Get ready to gang bang!"

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"Sam: I'm going to meet your friends inside in a few seconds. Anything I should know about?

Guerrilla: ...they have guns.

Sam: I'm shocked and amazed"

"Johnathan: SHOOOOTA!"

(he's really saying 'showtime'. :laugh: )

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Spoiler'd for Crube's sake.

"Haseo: I'm..

Atoli: I..

Kuhn: I..

Endrace: I..

(All together): I'm right here! SKEEEEEITH!"

"Harmen: Are you awake from your nightmare?"

"Curtis: All I wanted to do was shed light on my life.

Dan: You're nothing but a sick old maniac."

"Harmen: No matter how many times you try, the result will be the same.

Kun: Ah, yes. Like our chess games. You always seem to win.

Harmen: Do you know why?

Kun: You tell me.

Harmen: [leans in] Because you're a bad player.

Kun: [laughs maniacally]"

"Harmen: Tricks are for kids, Kun. I'm an old man."

"Andrei: [motions a pumping fist] I'm talking guys who beat off four times a day!"

"Coyote: Poof! You're fucked."

"Garcian: Son of a bitch."

"Christopher: May the Lord smile...

Garcian: ...and the devil have mercy."

"Kun: Do you want to hear a story, Harmen?

Harmen: Why not?

Kun: There once was a young man who had a promising future. The center back position was his to keep and no one could take that away from him. Any play was a fair play, nobody blew the whistle on him. Everybody loved him. Not to mention his campus sweetheart... oh, she was something. They were the perfect couple. He graduated from Columbia with an MBA. His opportunity was infinite. He could do whatever he wanted with his life, but was he satisfied? No. Every night he would cry, begging the Lord. Something deep within needed awakening. Then one day it happened, that moment where the subconscious rises to the surface. Well the way it triggered was very simple. It happened when his mother came onto him one night. As if the spirit of Jack the Ripper had taken over his body, he stabbed and stabbed until you couldn't tell who she was. You know what I think? An angel whispered into his ear. The angel gave him the extra courage he needed to give her the divine retribution she deserved.

Harmen: Sure she wasn't "the hell's angel"?

Kun: I'm pretty sure she only had good intentions.

Harmen: You really are a villain."

"Coyote: Sorry, pal, but it's my turn now. I have to do this, so the anger inside will not die."

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"Maya: OK! For great justice!"

"Imperial Watch: You're the Gray Fox! You're wanted for...for all kinds of stuff!"

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Dante: This party’s getting crazy! Let’s rock!


Dante: Damn it! You guys totally wrecked my shop! And I haven’t even named it yet!

You’re going to pay for that.

Dante: I hope you all have enough to cover all this!


Dante: Wow, I’ve never seen a talking mutt before. You know in a dog show, you’d definitely take

first place.

Cerberus: You, a mere human, make a mockery of me?!

Dante: Easy, Fido! How bout I take you out for a walk? Come on puppy, let’s go!


Agni: My name is Agni!

Rudra: And my name is Rudra! You shall take us with you!

A&R: We could be a great help to you!

Dante: Okay, but on one condition.

Rudra: What is it?

Agni: Name it!

Dante: No talking.

Agni: Fair enough.

Rudra: As you wish.

Rudra: Impressive…

Dante: No Talking! Good.


Dante: Well, this is my kind of rain. No wonder the sky looks so funny today.

Lady: Let me go!

Dante: Let you go? But it’d be a waste if you ended up as just a pretty stain.

Dante: What the hell was that for?! Here I am trying to help you, and you show your thanks by

shooting me?! Whatever, do as you please.

Dante: So he’s a demon, too…

Dante: I’m beginning to think I’ve got rotten luck with women.


Vergil: You showed up.

Dante: You sure know how to throw a party! No food, no drinks, and the only babe just left.

Vergil: My sincerest apology brother. I was so eager to see you, I couldn’t concentrate on

preparations for the bash.

Dante: Whatever, at any rate, it’s been a whole year since we last met. How bout a kiss from your

little brother? Or better yet how bout a kiss from THIS?

Dante: So this is what they call a heartwarming family reunion, eh?

Vergil: You got that right.


Dante: Well that was quick.

Lady: That man… did you kill him?

Dante: So what if I did?

Dante: Ooh, I love a fast woman.


Dante: Aww, you poor thing. Didn’t your mother ever teach you how to use a door?

Beowulf: That odor I know it!

Dante: Gimme a break. Tell ya what, next time I’ll try and wear some cologne, okay?


Dante: If that’s what it will take to shut you up. It bugs the crap out of me when someone talks

more than I do.


Arkham: Welcome, what do you think after looking at your father’s image?

Dante: It’s like staring into a backed-up toilet. Why do you always stick your nose into other

families’ business? Come on dude. Don’t you have any hobbies?

Arkham: You can still talk big after seeing THIS!? I feel the devil’s power overflowing my body!

The power of Sparda!

Dante: Dude, my father wasn’t so hideous. Can’t you tell by looking at me? Anyway, that shape

suits you better. Let us begin the main event!


Vergil: I’ll try it your way for once.

Dante: Remember what we used to say?

Arkham: Don’t do it!

Vergil & Dante: JACKPOT!

Arkham: I have the true power of Sparda…!

Vergil: Not very classy for someone’s dying words.


Vergil: Give that to me.

Dante: No way, you got your own.

Vergil: Well I want yours too.

--> look like its the whole game script!

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"Goombario: Maybe they wear glasses because they have really sensitive eyes; or maybe they're just hip."

"Edmund Burke Alucard: The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing."

Gitaroo man..one of the best quotes I heard

"It doesn't take much to turn "Impossible" into "I'm possible"

That's your dream calling!

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Super Paper Mario is full of lulz.

"Bowser: Yeah! Anyone who wears a cape and a monocle is just begging for a beating!"

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Super Paper Mario is full of lulz.

"Bowser: Yeah! Anyone who wears a cape and a monocle is just begging for a beating!"


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"Silent and deadly is the name of this game. Deliver all 5 of your sandwiches successfully, without being seen or HEARD. That's the silent part. There's no deadly part. Sorry."

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"I should have been the one to fill your dark soul with LIIIIGHT!!!"


ahahaha. of god the dialog was so bad in that game in parts.

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"Atlus: Would you kindly?"

"Ryan: A man chooses, a slave obeys! Obey!"

"Destroy: I thank you for cutting the chains that bound me! At long last I am finally free! Incredible! I can feel my power returning!

I'll devour you all! Swallow you down into the crippled form I bore for so long... Then you will know the hell I was confined to!

I am Destroy! The most powerful biomechanical warrior!"

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ahahaha. of god the dialog was so bad in that game in parts.

In parts? Aside from the opening, there was nothing BUT bad dialogue in the original DMC.

"I didn't think I'd meet anyone here with some guts"

"You're dante, aren't you? You lost your mother and brother to evil years ago."

Oh, and wtf was up with that password?

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You're forgiven. I don't remember all the dialogue, I just remember all the dialogue was garbage, haha.

I just played it last night for the first time in probably years. The dialog still sucks, but my best friend reminded me that when Devil May Cry came out, there weren't any good games on PS2. Aside from Sky Odyssey, he was pretty much right.

And I'm serious about the password thing. They mention it at the beginning and the end of the game, and then nothin'.

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