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wierdest way you've made money

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So yesterday I went with my cousin to his friends house where he had been instructed to feed said friends cats and clean thier litter box. He started dumping all the shit down the tiolet, so I told him "I don't thats such a good idea, son". He told me that that was what his friend had told him to do. So anyway the tiolet gets clogged and the water starts to overflow. He tries to use the plunger to suck out all the cat shit, but to no avail (plunger to big to allow any kind of sucktion). Disprate, he tells me he'll pay me $20 to find out a way of uncloging the tiolet, since I'm aparently the "cat shit expert". So I take th iniciative and get a big plastic bag. rap it around one arm and plung my hand in thier and manually scoop out the cat shit and dump into a waste basket until the tiolet started to flush like normal. The sucker, I would've done it for free~

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In high school I used to buy Shock Tarts from the school store for 60 cents/pack and then sell them for $1 a pack.

I made a killing.

I used to do something like that. I made these straws full of sour candy that was just citric acid, malic acid, kool-aid and sugar mixed together for 25 cents a straw at my school, and they sold like crazy. I made 20 bucks in one week once just doing that sporadicly.

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