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So this evening I went with some friends to play soccer at our old high school, lots of fields and all. It was fun, nothing serious. Then we went and got dinner at the pizza place we frequented, for nostalgia's sake. It was our friend Ryan's last night in Maryland before he goes to college. So then we went to another friend's house to chill until Ryan and others had to go home. We watched Star Wars, nobody complained... a first. Well, Ryan left, people cried of course, and then we resumed watching Luke battle Vader.

So I had to take my friend Scott back, and to get to his house we had to take this dirt road. On the side of the road we saw a completely intact 30 of Natural Light. We drove a bit past it and I slammed on my brakes, put the car in reverse, and went back to get it. So my friend Scott took it with him, I don't have it on me. Apparently the beer is good. It's one of the more amazing moments in my life.

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reminds me of the time my friend and i stole a seat from a movie theater. probably unrelated

My friend stole the seat of a chair from our school aud. He also gutted a phone in the aud and turned the cord and insides into a necklace. He also once unscrewed and stole one of these big metal caps from the aud that are connected to our ventilation system somehow. (Old building).

He stole some ram from a couple of school computers. He tore parts of the aud wall around the stage off and snuck it in his pockets. He's stolen a few pens and pencils.

He once tried to slip some pennies into my AP Euro teachers door while it was closed to lock her and the 4th period class in.

He's done a lot of stuff. I can't remember all of it.

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