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Tales of the Abyss


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As far as the best goes, I most commonly hear that it's a close call between Rebirth and Symphonia. But everyone is saying that Abyss is awesome.

Last I heard, it's coming out later this year. In all honestly, I think that kind of sucks since we already have way too many games to look forward to during the forth quarter. I'll probably keep it on my shelf and save it for next year when the flow of games slows down a bit.

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well we all already knew you were gay...


The game is pretty fun.

Pretty much the usual Tales type of fighting engine.

but for now, Guy and Luke seem like complete different sword fighters. Which is pretty awesome.

Usually they just have the main character learn all the other sword skills and in the end the secondary sword fighters become a lot less powerful...

Hopefully that doesn't happen in this game with Guy..

(At least he has a self healing skill and is super fast = Heavy!)

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As you know... I wasn't a GIANT fan of Symphonia until I played it two players. ANY game multiplayer, no matter how lame the multiplayer, is automatically better. But anyways, is there Multiplayer in Abyss or Legendia? I'm interested in both... as I haven't played a good RPG in a while. Hell, can't name the last good RPG I played!

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Yeah, multiplayer in Abyss is good, at least from what I gather.

The camera doesn't focus on player 1 anymore.


I think they are both only 1-2 player games, thus why I think these gam,es should have been on the GC instead.

(also, for much much much much faster loading times.)

edit: yes, I am loving Abyss.

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Well I only have one friend that would play with me... so 1-2 players is ok with me. Loadtimes will be a bitch though, I'm sure. So did Abyss just come out? I know Legendia has been out for quite a while... and I think that's the one with the guy with white hair and and orange outfit on the cover. Hahaha, yes, that is my knowledge of Legendia.

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