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Accelerated Evolution

Galexia - The Definitive Look at Time & Space


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I've gotten through the first 5 tracks and its a strong effort so far. In complete honesty the ony flaw, in my opinion is the mumbling thing in the begining of "Please, Wake Up." I feel it takes away from the atmosphere of the song. I'll listen to the rest tomarrow, but good job man!

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Galexia is now part of 2blossoms, the record label owned by the band 'VAST'.

Very exciting, the album will be up for purchase on their site by tommorow or the next day. It's a digital download release for 5.99 and I get mad royalities so anyone willing to purchase it, please do.

I'll keep this up here for free for any of the board members to grab, but if you dig it please buy a real copy!

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