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he didnt even tell ME

or if he did i forgot

What the hell? GPS isn't 19... is he?

Well, whatever. Mention these things early, fucker. You don't get a present now (And I actually would have sent you something too)

No, honestly it kinda creeped up on me as well. I lost track of time too easily.

Thanks all! And Siendra I don't mind getting it late xD

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Happy belayed birthdaaaaaaaaay. :D

It's not belayed, it's today xD

OMFG OMFG.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SCOTT..may all your offspring be Tribbles or Romulans

Tribbles maybe, Romulans hopefully not.

Happy birthday, man. May your exploits live on in legend eons after you yourself have passed on to a greater plane of existence.

Expect a Donkey Show in about an hour

I don't know what that is.

Heeeeeey, you're 19 too now!!

Happy Birthday man -- hope you do something awesomely fun!

Yup! Thank you!

I'm sure they will, but thanks for cheering me on!

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i wanted the one with worf being pissed about having a party hat on but i gotta find it


"Cha Scott Toh'gah-nah lo

Pre'tOk... Cha Scott Toh'gah-nah

lo Pre'tOk... Cha Scott Toh'gah-nah

lo Pre'tO-O-O-O-Ok... Tu Mak

Dagh Cha doh Borak!"


Thanks, even though I kinda helped you with this one. :P

dude we need to get some birthday nookie for you, or better yet.. a drunken night out on the town.

Nookie sounds good, drunken night.. perhaps.

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