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Did you have school canceled during that big blizzard!

We didn't and I went around telling everyone how it was okay cause Minnesota would have school at a time like this :D

But knowing you city folk I bet it was canceled. xP I'm so old schooler than you and I don't even live there, what is that.

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I haven't had a snow day in my district for years. YEARS.

WOOOO!! :crube::crube::crube: :D I can still aspire.

Haha, there was this poser Minnesota lady who ran our district a few years ago, and she was like "I'm really a Viking about snow days", and during one big snowstorm (during which school happened) she like ran her car into a tree. xDD pwned

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2 inches of really wet/icy snow got Maryland schools off.

I love my state, we overreact to snow.

I've seriously had snow days with an inch and a half of snow.

There's maybe two snowplows for the entire city of Seattle.

And it's snowed once a couple weeks ago. It stuck and we had a snowball fight. It was pretty cool because it NEVER snows around here.

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