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Accelerated Evolution

Super Robot Wars


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Yeah, I meant usefulness.

Latooni was a dodgeing Goddess, but Gilliam was in a much more pitiful mech then she, and he held his own till the very end. His one skill makes it hard for enemies to hit hit the same.

Elzam has rediculous stats all across the board as well.

and Shu...well Shu was in a crazy good mech.

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Okay, I found the one you're talking about here. Perhaps I should check it out.

EDIT: Just watched the first episode. So far it follows the game perfectly. It seems pretty awesome, but I'm not really fond of its overuse of CG. It gives everything kind of an ugly Zoids-ish look.

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After playing both scenarios, I have come to the realization that Ryu is a dirty fag and a half. Kyo is a much better main character, and is actually cool to boot. Ryu will prolly end up having sex with a robot before anything else, and Kyo...well he and Excellen are caught naked together.

Did I mentioon sex is everywhere in this game? I guess when the world is at risk, and a whole slew of interacial couples are together, sex is bound to happen all the time.

Glad to hear Kyo takes up the official main character role in the second game, but from what I have read it's Ryusei's story that is considered canon for part 1.


Elzam is such a Char rip off. It's awesome.

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I'd love it if they had some sort of strat guide for the game, all the artwork is hard to find and some of the mech and characters are cool looking!


NP didn't think much of OG2

They said the game was fun, but it was just the first with better fight scenes and a new, (they said) better story.


Better fights? New story? 40 hours of awesomeness all over again? Sounds like a winner to me!

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