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Final Fantasy 7


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Yes, I won't get this game till it becomes a best seller and drops to 20 dollars...

I even had an arguement with a douchebag working at EB about this.

"Would you like to reserve copies of FF12 and FF7:DoC?"

"No, thanks...will wait till they are cheaper."

"That will be awhile, are you sure you don't want to reserve a copy today?"

"No.......full price for a 10 hour long game is a waste of money."

"But it's Final Fantasy!"

"..........get out."

"But I work he.."




There has to be ONE club member bold enough to purchase this game. So I thought I'd make a thread about it (since I made 2 other game threads already).

Whoever is playing the game tell us what you think.

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Straight from rpgfan.

"Dirge of Cerberus ~Final Fantasy VII~ is a flawed game, but it is an entertaining one nonetheless. Anyone who's never played Final Fantasy VII or even those who aren't particularly fond of it might find Dirge of Cerberus to be a fun weekend rental at best. Fans of Final Fantasy VII should play through Dirge of Cerberus, if only to unravel the mysteries of Vincent left untold in the PSOne title. Plus it's got Gackt. Everyone loves Gackt."

well guess what. I fucking hate Gackt!

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Enough fighting guys. Here is the official order for Final Fantasy games (main series only)

1. Final Fantasy VI

2. Final Fantasy (original NES version, no remakes considered)

3. Final Fantasy IX

4. Final Fantasy IV

5. Final Fantasy VII

6. Final Fantasy X

7. Final Fantasy V

8. Final Fantasy III (original NES version, not remake)

9. Final Fantasy VIII

10. Final Fantasy II

11. A copy of any of the above games that doesn't work, so you really can't do anything with it.

12. Being forced to eat a bag of shit while playing any of the above games.

13. Final Fantasy XI

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