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I have been trying to keep this kind of quiet (but I have failed miserably) and since I don’t think there is much true information about me on this site (and hopefully cops have something better to do any way…) I’m willing to reveal to all of you what has been growing in my yard for the last couple months…

This year I decided to try to grow pot, it was my first attempt and in spite of all my mistakes (and there were many!) 2 plants managed to survive, one even grew pretty well (its about 3 feet). But I now have a problem…

Recently there has been trouble with my septic system (that think that makes it safe for your waste to seep into the ground). Because of this my dad plans to have some guys come, dig it up, and possibly (depending on how bad it is) do a lot of work on it. Now this is a problem because there area that they would be working in is in plain sight of my plant. Also, the place that my plant is now is the only place in my yard were it receives direct sunlight and is decently hidden.

Currently I have moved it out of sight but it is receiving very little sunlight were it is, too little for it to realistically stay alive much longer. At the moment I an visiting my grandmother for a wile, but when I get back I need to do something with that plant, my question to you all is what? An idea about how to prematurely harvest it, a place to hide it, or even someone willing to take it off my hands (who ever did this would be welcome to keep a decent cut of the yield)

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If you really want to spend the money...

Buy yourself a full spectrum light (it imitates sunlight, I'm going to be using one to help with winter depression) and set it up in a closet or a room where no one will find it. Then get a big jug of water and hide it nearby too. That way you can give the plants sun and water while keeping them safe and hidden, but make sure not to keep the light on all the time or water while the light is on because it could result in fires, killing your plant, high electricity bills, etc. Don't put the lamp near anything flamable either.

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Maybe instead of potentialy screwing yourself in the ass with a burning hot iron rod, you should just dispose of it.

Best suggestion so far.

I just stick to alchohol, does the job and I don't have to worry about hiding anything at the end of the day. I could go into the whole, "Welcome to the rest of your life" speech but I'll spare you.

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Ok but as suspicious as it looks, what sewage guy goes around looking under every burlap-covered-shrub? None. Wear a wifebeater and hold a shotgun sitting on your front porch with a confederate flag baseball cap, stare him down the entire time, and you're set.

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