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My car is a fucktard magnet.


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What a fine birthday I had yesterday, where I spent some time sitting in a reception room of The Municipal Court Of Trenton: better known as the police station.

Why? I'll tell you.

On a stormy October afternoon, I was coming from my girlfriends house after grabbing some notes from class that I missed earler that week. I made my way down her one way street and came to a complete stop and turned on my blinker. I saw this Camry that was a good block and a half (about 15 car lengths away) travelling towards me in a 25 MPH zone. I looked in the opposite direction to find there were no cars coming and proceeded, this is where I discover that this guy is going at least 40 MPH, and he clips me ever so slightly and we bascially traded and inch of paint.

Police report, as well as a verbal confirmation from the officer reports that the accident was ruled on the scene as a case of bad weather and poor visibility, so no tickets, summons, or liability was filed.

Flash forward to 1 week after Christmas, some woman bumps me from behind while we were at a stop and tried to play it off like she never hit me, but there was no damage, so no harm, no foul.

Now, we are at December 7th, the eve of my birthday. I find out that the guy I originally was in the accident with has decided 2 months after the fact to sue my insurance company. The police report states that no was no fault, but his insurance company insists I have to pay for him, and 1500$ at that. We are now in the process of letting the insurance companies work the issues out since this guy doesn't even have a leg to stand on.

Let's go to about 20 minutes ago: we just has a prety large amount of snow fall overnight and gradually melt during today. All of that melted snow turned into black ice, and makes the road 10X more difficult to navigate and any speed. I came to a complete stop at the same spot that woman hit me from behind, and lo and behold, fate tips it's hat away from my direction and I feel an impact. Two Hispanic guys who spoke no English stepped out of the car saying random phrases in Spanish looking at my car.

I get out of my car and scream "YOU HAVE TO BE MOTHERFUCKING KIDDING ME!" as I slam my door shut and get ready to look at the massive damage from the rather violent collision we had. I turn to the suspected area and find a small scratch, and nothing else. I asked the guys if they had any insurance, but they spoke no English, so I decided to do what I thought was best and just turn the corner and have them follow me home, which was 2 blocks away.

My dad comes out of the house to inspect the damage and basically said since I left the scene, there really wasn't much I could do at the moment, so I just told the guys to be careful and sent them on their way.


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Sucks man. In my 14 years of driving, I've only been slightly hit twice. Once by guy some behind me. I thought he fucked my bumper up, but nothing happened, so I just told him to watch what he was doing. Another time. Some lady hit me from behind as well. I got out of the car & noticed that the bumper was pushed in a bit. So I pushed it out & it clicked back into place. I told the lady not to worry about it, but to pay attention to the road. That's it, but both of these have been in my new car.


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