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Dead Rising!


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dude fuck you.... when i get off probation, its going to be 2 ounces and some Super smash Bros. And if kijate decides to stop by, then its dead rising.

Basically, Kickler is nothing now. Fight night...... wow. Table tennis?????? He just picked up 99 nights today....

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Yeah Dead Rising is amazing. It's almost like the opposite of Resident Evil, where "normal" people are the scariest thing in the mall. Fun stuff.

Also the katana is the most badass thing on earth in that game, followed just barely by the chainsaws.

The katana just owns ass. And jump kicks d00d.

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I'm wearing the Mega Man X helmet and shooting zombies with nerf balls from my toy mega buster.

Just wait until you get the full Mega Man outfit and get the real Mega-Buster. :D

For once a game that actually makes the katana a one-hit weapon. Unlike most games which uses this bladed weapon, the Dead Rising katana will actually chop people in half. Though not as fun as using the garden excavator and lawnmower. :)

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To get the megaman x tights you need to defeat 10 psychopaths.

To get the megaman x boots you need to beat the game and get the true ending without ever having been knocked out by either the cult or soldiers.

To get the blaster you need to kill 53,594 zombies.

To get the Z saber you need to survive for 5 days.

Personally I dig the soldier uniform I got for defeating 10 soldiers and helicopter and I'm working on the blaster right now, but dear god is that an excercise in patience...

Also, I dunno if you guys have figured it out, but a triple booked small chainsaw will kill upwards of 2k-3k zombies before breaking.

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Haha. Nice!

I love how capcom balanced them out too. The Z saber is a little less powerful than the X buster but it can attack a group of zombies at once. Wheras the X buster is ideal for attacking psychopaths (bosses) or other single enemy targets like soldiers since it's higher powered but has no splash.

Actually you may want to bump that back up to highly consider being that it appears to be more like a lightsaber apon viewing.


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