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After exactly 1 week of downtime, AE returns!!!!!!!!!!!1111ONEONEONEONE

Now for an explanation of WTF happened:

As you may have noticed, our hosting account got suspended. jclayhosting, our webhost, had forgotten to pay their bill, as had we. This resulted in jclayhosting's reseller account getting suspended, and our account getting suspended as well.

That's all been sorted out and all the bills have been paid.

However, I must give credit where credit is due. jclayhosting owed the company that they own a reseller account with a total of $93.

AE owed about $50 of this (yes we're cheap bastards). Shorty after jclayhosting's reseller account had gotten suspended, U-1, having heard news of this, saved the day.

U-1 donated the full $50 that AE owed jclayhosting.

It should be noted that this isn't the first time U-1 has saved Accelerated Evolution. Over the past year and a half, U-1 has donated a total of $160 on numerous occasions (such as when we had to buy IPB).

Wind and I would like to give a very special thanks for U-1 for continuously saving our asses.

AE, say hello to your new Admin, U-1.

P.S. We fucking missed AE's 2 year Birthday by 1 day... damn hosting company.

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Kruetz, Mith, Nutty, R.T., Buki, and U-1 have all donated, but noone gives them any credit because they didn't donate a large amount all at once.

dude, it's not like anyone is refusing to give them credit. if i donate $5 and you donate $50 though, people are going to notice the $50 a hell of a lot more

besides, i drew all the donors a comic a while back. they've been MORE than commemorated :tongue:

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U-1 is a nice guy, he's mature and grown up. He's pretty reasonable. Try telling me he doesn't fit the position or he's not suitable for it.

And anyone who's ever donated, has always been acknowledged. The majority of all our donations were for IPB. This is the first donation to AE in about 14 months.

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Kruetz, Mith, Nutty, R.T., Buki, and U-1 have all donated, but noone gives them any credit because they didn't donate a large amount all at once.

When I donated to defeat piracy last year, I asked Wind not to make a huge deal out of it. Personally, this big purple tag under my name is more than enough. Furthermore even if all donators got automatic admin status, I don't wanna be an admin, since every board I admin ends up going out of business.

U-1 has continually pulled through for AE, so I think a little thanks are in order. I'm a little confused on whether admin status is a blessing or a curse, so let's just say it's cool and give them the clap, alright?


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It's mainly the fact that's he done so much for us. He's contributed to webhosting costs twice, and he's contributed to the cost of the forum's software.

And we didn't specificly give him admin solely based on the fact that he donated a large amount of money. U-1 has been with AE since the beginning. He's also not an asshole like some people, but a rather kind person. Kind enough to donate a total of $160 from a few hard earned paychecks to a few random guys online to help out their website.

You might claim that he's a very emotional person, but what relevance does that stand in relation to his admin status? You have yet to prove a point. What do you think he's going to do?

In this scenerio it's more of a status symbol, and not so much ultimate supreme power.

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